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Toddy Sun 23-Aug-20 19:50:31

Well, start of term is nearly here and like many grandparents, we will be doing school runs and helping with childcare. Just wondering if people in a similar position have developed anti-covid routines they are happy to share? I'm thinking about things like school pick up - hand sanitizer before kids get in car? Getting changed out of uniform or shower on arrival home? Separate toilets, own towels etc for children at our house? I will have a preschooler and 2 at school for 3 days a week and want to keep us all as safe as possible. Thanks in advance.

Esspee Sun 23-Aug-20 19:58:47

You seem to have thought of pretty much everything Toddy. I feel with children you have to supervise things like hand washing to ensure they are doing it thoroughly and for long enough.

tanith Sun 23-Aug-20 20:05:14

I’ll be making sure my 15yr old GD washes her hands and leaves her bag/stuff in the hall but as for changing clothes or showering no shan’t be doing that. She comes once a week to have dinner with me which we’ve been doing all through lockdown I feel it’s enough for us. We each have to do things whichever way we feel is right in for us.

Greenfinch Sun 23-Aug-20 20:25:07

Our 13 year old grandchildren are living with us and shielded with us all through lockdown. I am not looking forward to their going back to school as I feel there is little we can do. We do have our own bathroom and towels and we will extend the dining room table so that we are sitting further apart at meal times but we have to drop them up and pick them up by car.

Summerlove Sun 23-Aug-20 20:32:13

We each have to do things whichever way we feel is right in for us.

I find this fascinating

If this were the case, then why all the anger at people in parks/beaches? Why bother locking down at all?

It’s truly not just the young who ignore guidelines, no matter how much some want to blame them.

tanith Sun 23-Aug-20 20:46:09

Summerlove I have followed guidelines throughout lockdown and have not ignored them if that’s what you are suggesting. My GD has to go back to school and we want to still enjoy our weekly dinner together, the precautions we take I feel are adequate for us.

Summerlove Sun 23-Aug-20 20:48:38

She comes once a week to have dinner with me which we’ve been doing all through lockdown I feel it’s enough for us.

This suggests that you did not in fact follow guidelines.

Toddy Sun 23-Aug-20 20:50:27

Age of grandkids makes such a difference. A 15yr old understands and is capable of complying to safety rules far better than 2, 5 and 7 year olds who need supervision, reminding and guidance...... As well as hugs ha! Tricky! That's why I'm keen to build routines with them that give us all reassurance.

MawB2 Sun 23-Aug-20 20:51:55


^She comes once a week to have dinner with me which we’ve been doing all through lockdown I feel it’s enough for us.^

This suggests that you did not in fact follow guidelines.

How do you justify that Tanith ?
We were not allowed to have anybody to visit during lockdown.

tanith Sun 23-Aug-20 21:15:16

Sorry I wasn’t clear we resumed our weekly dinner once we were allowed to bubble with one other household we did follow guidelines I can assure you.

Calendargirl Sun 23-Aug-20 21:33:18

Personally, wouldn’t be changing clothes or showering when you get in, feel that is OTT.

I’m sure many will disagree.

Ellianne Sun 23-Aug-20 21:50:56

I think we have to trust the schools to keep the children safe and clean during the day. They will have put lots of measures in place.
Without constantly nagging the grandchildren I am going to make sure they wash their hands thoroughly using separate towels. Also they will change out of their uniform but will not be having a shower. That seems a bit excessive to me.
Good luck.

Nana3 Sun 23-Aug-20 21:56:02

I heard today that we should clean the car every time we use it. This is for people giving lifts and I suppose that includes taking children to school. Wiping of door handles was specified.

MawB2 Sun 23-Aug-20 21:56:09


Sorry I wasn’t clear we resumed our weekly dinner once we were allowed to bubble with one other household we did follow guidelines I can assure you.

My apologies - I misunderstood you to have meant throughout lockdown.
Sorry! flowers

Summerlove Sun 23-Aug-20 22:13:48


Sorry I wasn’t clear we resumed our weekly dinner once we were allowed to bubble with one other household we did follow guidelines I can assure you.

Ok, thank you for clarifying

You can see how it said otherwise.

My earlier point of everyone doing what they think is best still stands though. Guidelines are there for reason. Because people cannot make the best choices for everybody

tanith Mon 24-Aug-20 06:36:57

Yes I did give the wrong impression. We’re all doing our best in very varying and difficult circumstances I’m sure.

Sarnia Mon 24-Aug-20 09:51:25

I collect a grand-daughter and grandson (brother & sister) from their schools once a week and before lockdown I would bring them home for tea and time together before dropping them back home in the evening. Recently I have spent 2 occasions in their garden having a cuppa and a chat with them and their Mum but I haven't been inside their house. My question is this; as they are not in my bubble can I collect from school next week and go back to their house and cook tea for them there?

GrannyGravy13 Mon 24-Aug-20 10:14:22

We are on Grandparent duty on a Tuesday (seven month old and five year old) As from 7/09 we shall have the baby Tues/Wed/Thurs and pic up GC from school on those days feed them and maybe shower/bath pjs on for when they are collected.

I have more chance of getting a D & V bug, flu or common cold from them.

chattykathy Mon 24-Aug-20 10:37:38

Sarnia, if you haven't had contact with your GC up to now why do you think you will when they go back to school? This is why, after a big family discussion, we decided to bubble with our DD, her DH and DC. Not strictly within the rules as no one is single. We look after the youngest once a week and our DD will be going back to work in September. This has meant we've seen the family throughout the school holidays. It seemed daft not to when we would be helping out with childcare from September. I hope you do get to see them more of them.

Pippet Mon 24-Aug-20 10:56:30

I’m in same position and have been impressed by the info sent from the school by email. They seem to have thought of lots of things to avoid the crowds and keep the flow going and I’m going to do what you outline too and most importantly I’m trying to stay well and try to be as resilient and sensible as possible stay safe all x

maddyone Mon 24-Aug-20 11:02:53

We have been having our twin grandchildren for three days a week and sometimes more since the summer holidays started. Sometimes we took their two year old brother too, but he mainly went to the nursery where he unceremoniously had to start at the beginning of lockdown since we not allowed to have him then as we had been doing. With both parents key workers, that was their only choice. Anyway key worker childcare was discontinued at the beginning of the summer holidays so we stepped back into the breach, although the little one mostly went to nursery. It is impossible to fully socially distance from two six year olds when they are in your care for up to twelve hours at a time, but we did the best we could with hand washing and sanitising worktops etc. When my darling little girl fell over, scraped her knee and cried, was I supposed to tell her to get up and stop crying? No, I picked her up, cleaned her knee, and cuddled her better.
We spent a lot of time out of doors as it’s supposedly virtually impossible to pick up the virus outside. Luckily the weather was good.
Teddy if I were you I would employ all sensible precautions, hand sanitiser, hand washing, disinfect surfaces, keep them outside whenever possible, but don’t lose your humanity through fear. These are your precious grandchildren and you want to give them positive experiences with you, not fearful experiences.
I realise it’s difficult, and worrying, but our children cannot work without our help. Be as sensible as possible. And enjoy the children.

The twins have now gone off with our daughter and her husband and their little brother to enjoy a holiday in Norway. They arrived in Norway hours before the mandatory ten day quarantine for British people was imposed. Thank goodness, they’ve worked hard all through lockdown and deserve some quality family time.

trisher Mon 24-Aug-20 11:13:04

I usually pick up my GCs but DS is still working from home so will do the days I would usually have done. One thing that does worry me is that there seem to be no guidelines for what will happen if there are cases in a school. A local pub had 3 cases and closed for a few days to conduct a deep clean, I assume all the cases contacts will be tested. But what about schools? If one child has it presumably that class/bubble would close and all be tested, if there is a sibling is that class closed as well? Is the whole school closed and deep cleaned? As usual things just seem to be left completely unclear.

maddyone Mon 24-Aug-20 11:35:12

Yes trisher, that hasn’t been made clear. Just before lockdown, when this happened, schools closed for a deep clean and I think the classes affected were closed for a week or two. I assumed that is what will happen, but none of us know. I do think guidelines for this should be published.
It also puts us grandparents into a difficult situation. Should we then cover childcare? Or will the parents be allowed to work from home? That would be difficult for some employees. Tricky!

Nana3 Mon 24-Aug-20 11:39:17

trisher I was chatting with a primary head teacher the other day and she said if I understood her correctly, that if one pupil in a class tests positive the whole class will be sent home. The schools must have guidelines if she knew this. There must be surely government guidelines somewhere for us to read. Sorry if someone has already sent a link.

trisher Mon 24-Aug-20 11:52:30

Nana3 thanks for that advice. I think the problem is that schools often have siblings, now the actual sibling will be covered by the advice about the family and contacts isolating, but what about the sibling's contacts and class mates? Someone on the TV news said there have been no guidelines issued so I assume as usual Headteachers are just using their common sense.