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Should I see the dentist ?

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Corfidorfi Tue 20-Oct-20 13:15:08

I have been a member for a long time and this is the first time I need to ask for your good advice, Shocked today when the cap on one of my front teeth came off. I am well over the most vulnerable age for Covid 19 but ok in health and have been self isolating since the beginning. I don't know whether I should see a dentist and wonder if there's likely to be a cap's base left in the gum ? Wish I could add a smiley but there isn't one to for me now lol

kittylester Tue 20-Oct-20 13:17:50

Why not ring your surgery and ask their advice?

Poppyred Tue 20-Oct-20 13:22:52

They are only seeing emergencies. Yours would be classed as a cosmetic problem. Unless you can find a private dentist willing to fix the problem.

Corfidorfi Tue 20-Oct-20 13:25:43

Thank you Kittylester. I think I have felt wary of finding myself 'in the chair' without enough thought first. I might be trying to dodge the issue though and you are right in what you say

Charleygirl5 Tue 20-Oct-20 13:27:12

If you are having pain you will be seen as an emergency- if not as already said it will be classed as cosmetic. You should discuss it with a dentist to find out what the worst scenario is.

Nanna58 Tue 20-Oct-20 13:28:14

Do check with your dentist, because my NHS dentist is now seeing ordinary, non urgent cases . Maybe yours is too.

twinnytwin Tue 20-Oct-20 13:31:43

I've got a problem with the roof of my mouth and the dentist is the place to get advice about it. I telephoned and told the receptionist the problem and she arranged for the dentist to call me back. After discussions, I'm going in for him to examine it. I had to fill in various forms online and the receptionist called to to confirm what to do when I arrived in their carpark. I'm very impressed with the safety they've got in place. I'd definitely give your practice a call.

Sparklefizz Tue 20-Oct-20 13:34:21

My dentist's practice had taken every Covid precaution imaginable. If you are worried about hygiene measures, Corfidorfi, I think you can rest assured.

NHS dentists are only seeing emergencies at the moment, but I understand from a friend's dentist that the high tech particle and aerosol extraction equipment they need in order to do other procedures is on its way, and will cost the Govt. billions across the UK.

My dentist's is a private practice and they spent £30,000 on this equipment for each of their surgeries in the practice so they could do all procedures when they reopened back in July ..... and thank God they did because I had 2 major emergencies and days of excruciating pain, and they were able to help. I am on Denplan and it's been worth its weight in gold.

Corfidorfi Tue 20-Oct-20 13:34:55

I wondered about Poppyred It does seem I can't do anything right now, thank you

NotTooOld Tue 20-Oct-20 13:35:13

Yes, check with your dentist. If you can't eat properly it may be classed as an emergency. I have lost caps myself but never had any problem with a 'cap base' left behind, just an ugly gap! I don't think you need be worried about infection at the dentist as they are having to clean surgeries, chairs etc between patients and they are always very careful of hygiene anyway. Best of luck.

Corfidorfi Tue 20-Oct-20 13:46:32

Thank you all Gransnetters. I will phone the dentist and see what he says and wait until the time is right to have things sorted. Luckily the practice is quite near. Unfortunately, if I had wanted to see a private one, I have no transport to go further away. Glad you're ok Sparklefizz.

Oldbat1 Tue 20-Oct-20 14:12:20

Husband lost a crown and was seen as an emergency about 7wks ago and tomorrow I’m having my checkup which was postponed from March. Unfortunately no nhs dentist where we are so denplan practice. Husband has hygienist appointment too next month. Perhaps they can just glue it back? I would phone.

westendgirl Tue 20-Oct-20 14:17:46

Do ring your dentist. I have had treatment at mine, a large filling and a follow up and a session with the hygienist. They will have special measures in place.

silverlining48 Tue 20-Oct-20 14:35:38

My tooth broke and after i phoned the dentist they phoned back i was given an appointment when it was fixed. I woukd think a crown necessitated a visit but see what they say. Good luck.

Sparklefizz Tue 20-Oct-20 15:22:13

Thank you Corfidorfi. I hope you get something sorted out soon. flowers

fevertree Tue 20-Oct-20 15:26:08

It is incorrect to say that NHS dentists are only taking urgent or emergency appointments. I had a routine NHS checkup and hygienist appointment 2 weeks ago (all precautions were taken). It may of course vary in different areas, I am in SW London.

So I agree with those who say to contact your dentist. I had a similar problem years ago, and it was a matter of popping the crown back in place.

Calendargirl Tue 20-Oct-20 15:37:47

I posted on another thread re dentists. We had a check up due August, the surgery rang and postponed, told me to phone again in September.
Did this, told to ring again in the New Year.
I had lost part of a filling, but in all honesty, said it isn’t painful. Not sure what they would have said if it was.

Corfidorfi Tue 20-Oct-20 16:38:46

That's super. Love to all of you. Sparklefizz ,sunshine

paddyanne Tue 20-Oct-20 17:47:49

I broke a crown at the beginning of lockdown and was told its not an emergency unless its causing a lost of pain.I called last week and was told the same thing ,they wont fix it under current restrictions

Davida1968 Tue 20-Oct-20 17:58:31

I agree with her GNs here - check with your own dentist. Quite early on in the pandemic I lost a filling; at that time I didn't seek any dental treatment because I had no pain. In due course a small piece broke off the tooth, so about three months ago I emailed the surgery, outlining the issue and asking simply whether they were now seeing "non-urgent" patients. To my delight I was offered an appt. This all took time but the tooth is now sorted out (and saved).

Oldbat1 Thu 22-Oct-20 20:32:35

Went yesterday for checkup. Had xrays and clean with appointment in two weeks for a filling. Covid precautions were wait outside until invited in, hand gel, temperature check. Dentist and nurse in PPE Felt safe.

LadyStardust Thu 22-Oct-20 20:40:27

Mr Stardust went for his check up this morning. Also a hygienist appointment. The dentist replaced a crumbling filling and the hygienist gave his teeth a good clean, but more manual than usual! He said there were lots of safety measures in place and had no concerns at all. Other than having to pay over £60. smile

PollyDolly Thu 22-Oct-20 20:50:06

Not all dentists will currently undertake AGP, aerosol generating procedures, so they won't use drills etc that create airborne particles. Even the emergency dentists are not always providing a complete range of treatment, I recently had to visit an emergency dentist who couldn't sort the problem and they had to make a further referral which took over a week to come through!