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Right groin pain and lower abdomen discomfort.

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rosiesgran Thu 05-Nov-20 15:49:20

Hi all! I’m new to Gransnet but I’m hoping that some of you other grans out there can give me the benefit of your wisdom.
I have osteoarthritis in my right hip, not bad enough yet for a replacement but painful nonetheless. Lately my groin and lower abdomen have been really uncomfortable and ache nearly all the time. I’m scheduled for a steroid injection next week but am concerned that the groin ache may be something else. Has anyone else experienced significant groin discomfort?

Luckygirl Thu 05-Nov-20 15:59:15

I certainly had - and still have - groin pain associated with my arthritic hip, and it persisted even after surgery. So it can be hip related.

But I think you should talk to your GP about it as you also have abdominal pain.

Sparklefizz Thu 05-Nov-20 16:01:55

I get pain and stiffness in my groin from osteoarthritis in the hip on that side. No abdominal pain though.

GrannyLaine Thu 05-Nov-20 16:16:45

I would agree with Luckygirl and Sparklefizz. I too have OA in my right hip and groin pain is a definite thing with it. But I think your GP would want to rule out other causes of low abdominal pain.

Sarnia Thu 05-Nov-20 16:20:46

I suffered right sided groin pain and a tender abdomen when I was diagnosed with appendicitis which actually turned out to be a burst ovarian cyst.

Fennel Thu 05-Nov-20 17:35:20

I had groin pain as the first symptom of hip wear and tear. My doctor identified it at once and xray confirmed. I had a hip replacement a few months later. Not sure about the abdominal pain though.
That was in the good old days when you could get a 'non-urgent' operation.
Try to make a fuss and get tests and a more definite diagnosis.

GrannyLaine Thu 05-Nov-20 18:06:43

Fennel OP is scheduled for a steroid injection next week, not sure why making a fuss is necessary?

Fennel Thu 05-Nov-20 19:13:32

You're right GrannyLaine - I missed that.

Sparklefizz Thu 05-Nov-20 19:19:32

Fennel I had groin pain as the first symptom of hip wear and tear. My doctor identified it at once and xray confirmed. I had a hip replacement a few months later.

Gosh, that was quick. I had an X-ray and then had to wait a few months to see a physio who gave me exercises to strengthen the muscles around that hip last year. I've been faithfully doing those exercises for a year, had a follow-up with the physio on the phone in July, and she just suggested I carry on.

To be fair, the exercises have helped. Still have some groin stiffness but much less than before, and I shall keep on.

I was given a sheet of paper with some drawings of stick figures which wasn't all that helpful, but I had a look on YouTube to see exactly how to do these exercises. I definitely wouldn't want surgery at the moment as my hip would have to be much worse before I would contemplate it.

Jane43 Thu 05-Nov-20 19:36:57

DH has had three hip replacement operations over 15 years.
Groin pain was always the first symptom.

agnurse Fri 06-Nov-20 05:21:38

The hip joint is actually in the groin, so it's very common that people with hip problems will experience pain there. (Pain on the outside of the hip is not typically due to a joint problem; typically that's a soft tissue issue such as a bursitis.)

rosiesgran Sat 07-Nov-20 00:37:32

Thanks everyone. I know that the ache in my groin is probably from the hip but I’m still very concerned about the right abdomen discomfort. Also feeling very queasy today. I know it’s not my appendix ... that was removed years ago.

Coolgran65 Sat 07-Nov-20 04:01:14

Is there any chance the groin pain could be a hernia. My husband developed a hernia very recently and I am at this very moment reading up on it.

rosiesgran Sat 07-Nov-20 20:10:07

I suggested to the doc that there might be a hernia. I had an odd dragging sensation in the lower right abdomen. I was told that there was no obvious sign of a hernia. I know I have osteoarthritis in my hip and I’m really thankful that I haven’t had to wait for the injection next week but I do wonder if something else is happening in there as well.

Callistemon Sat 07-Nov-20 20:33:22

I had an odd dragging sensation in the lower right abdomen
Look for the simplest thing first.
Could it be a UTI?

Sleepyamber Sat 07-Nov-20 20:38:55

Is it worse after eating ? Could it be a hernia. I had one repaired 3 years ago. The symptoms were very similar.

Ailsa43 Sat 07-Nov-20 22:33:20

This may be dismissed as something too simple, but I was diagnosed with IBS, and always previous to an attack of diarrhoea, or equally constipation .. I get severe pains in the right of my abdomen ..which can last for a couple of days .

It's so severe it makes me nauseous

Mwdebbie Sun 08-Nov-20 06:18:58

As others have said, a discussion with your GP about the pain is sensible, to exclude other causes. I need a total hip replacement and have had both groin and abdominal pain. However, following the advice of the excellent orthopaedic surgeon I saw in the summer, I was prescribed a regime of simple pain relief - regular paracetamol and ibuprofen 3 times a day, with a small dose of codeine added to the night time dose. Plus a medication to protect the stomach lining, taken before breakfast. (This amount of regular ibuprofen should be taken under medical supervision as we are older and there can be unwanted side effects. Occasional use is fine). The difference in my pain levels was amazing after two weeks and I was able to reduce the dose, again following a chat with the GP. I sleep so much better now. There was obviously inflammation there which has reduced. I still need a hip replacement but can live with the discomfort now. I had dismissed the simple analgesia option as I thought that with the degree of pain I was experiencing, it wouldn’t be effective. I was wrong!

Nonogran Sun 08-Nov-20 10:50:33

If I had the symptoms you describe I would want more investigations. Are your ovaries still intact?
A friend of mine had pain like you describe ....she needed an operation., urgently. Now fully recovered thank goidness. Get your GP to refer you if you still feel uneasy. Go with what your gut is actually telling you!

rosiesgran Sun 08-Nov-20 17:45:39

What great advice from everyone. I have an ultrasound this week and a cystoscope coming soon too. My GP has been excellent and appears to be very thorough.
I had a total hysterectomy about 13 years ago so no ovaries to worry about. Last week I had some very slight spotting after a long walk which is why I’m due a cystoscope just to be sure it isn’t something untoward. Doctor says it more likely to be vaginal dryness and I’ve been prescribed estriol cream.
I’ve gone from being someone who seldom needs a doctor to now having a list of medical possibilities! Mwdebbie, my hip issue sounds like yours so thank you for the input. I will give the regular pain meds a try although I’ve always tried to avoid too many tablets in the past. Needs must!
Thank you everyone again. I really appreciate your advice and support.

welbeck Sun 08-Nov-20 17:53:35

all the best OP, and glad it is being looked into.
let us know how you get on.

rosiesgran Sun 08-Nov-20 19:19:35

Will do!

rosiesgran Wed 11-Nov-20 20:05:43

Today I had my hip injection and the anaesthetic did ease my groin pain for a short time. The consultant told me that it could be a couple of weeks before the cortisone did its job. I’m a bit sore this evening but nothing that an early night won’t help!

Kate54 Wed 11-Nov-20 21:35:42

Assuming you’ve had blood tests? I would particularly want to check kidney function. Good luck.

rosiesgran Thu 12-Nov-20 11:52:19

Blood tests are mostly good. Some reduced kidney function related to dehydration but that has resolved now thankfully.
Cystoscope next week and I’m hoping that will be fine too.
Thanks for all the support everyone. Stay safe.