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Riverwalk Wed 25-Nov-20 15:27:11

I had a big Ocado delivery yesterday so today I've had a cook-a-thon. I've made three portions of chilli con carne, currently have a lamb and aubergine tagine on the go (four portions) and about to go in the oven three portions of chicken tandoori (thighs) sitting on a bed of fennel and chickpeas.

But don't know what I'll eat tonight!

Have bits & pieces to use up from the fridge, so we'll see. smile

MiniMoon Wed 25-Nov-20 15:36:58

Husband goes to work 3 evenings a week so we have had our main meal at lunch time.
Today we had rabbit pie with roast vegetables and buttered cabbage. The pie wasn't made by me this time. DH bought it at a very good local garden centre.

Riverwalk, you have been busy. 😋

Pantglas2 Wed 25-Nov-20 15:51:37

We’ll be eating the ham and red lentil casserole prepped yesterday and reheated in the slow cooker this afternoon along with some rosemary dumplings (DH gets silly 😜 at the mere mention of my dumplings....)

I made raspberry jam this morning and will do a microwave jam sponge with ice cream or yogurt for pud.

A couple of G&Ts beforehand as a reward for my bizziness methinks😇

Riverwalk Wed 25-Nov-20 17:58:05

I've had a G&T and now pondering!

Jane10 Wed 25-Nov-20 18:11:15

M&S spaghetti meatballs followed by blueberries and yoghurt and a couple of plums. There's a possibility of a few chocs later if I feel like it. DH is out 🙂

tanith Wed 25-Nov-20 18:15:32

I’ve had mince and onions in oxtail gravy with carrot and swede mash and sprouts have to have mint sauce on my mince. Mine sounds very boring compared 😂

Nortsat Wed 25-Nov-20 18:18:02

Home made cheese burgers with homemade garlic & herb potato wedges.
Baby spinach, tomato and yellow pepper salad on the side.
Just pondering whether to have a glass of wine, as it’s a non wine night ...

Nortsat Wed 25-Nov-20 18:21:04

Tanith, I think your supper sounds delish ... Isn’t it the case that everyone else’s meal always sounds nicer than one’s own?

The supper is always tastier on the other side of the fence ...

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-Nov-20 18:23:02

Liver and bacon in onion gravy with buttered mash and runner beans.

Ramblingrose22 Wed 25-Nov-20 18:26:40

Riverwalk - congrats on your hard work. They all sound delicious.

Can you let us have the tandoori chicken recipe please?

I've always wanted to try to cook this at home.

Tonight we are having the remains of a roast leg of lamb with roasted roots and asparagus roasted with tomatoes and garlic.

Greyduster Wed 25-Nov-20 18:31:13

Boeuf stroganoff using a nice piece of rump steak I had in the freezer. I was looking forward to showing GS how to make this, but that was then, and this is now......

Nortsat Wed 25-Nov-20 18:36:40

Whitewavemark can we come to you please?
We’ll bring a couple of nice bottles of Merlot, even though it’s supposed to be a ‘no wine’ night.

MissAdventure Wed 25-Nov-20 18:39:43

Beans on toast. smile

Jaxjacky Wed 25-Nov-20 18:42:22

Fish and chips

Pudding123 Wed 25-Nov-20 18:43:52

Still very little taste since the end of March due to non symptomatic covid even though my sense of smell does seem to be improving so I am just trying to eat fairly healthily so brown rice and charred broccoli for me.....I can tell I am making you all very envious ( not).

Fennel Wed 25-Nov-20 18:54:42

We eat at mid -day and are now onto 3 days of no meat.
We had baked salmon fillet, boiled small potatoes and microwaved brussels sprouts. Plus some leftover salad.
Cadbury's nut chocolate and an orange for dessert.
I'm getting lazy but try to keep it healthy.
Tomorrow make up for it with oven chips and battered fried haddock fillets . Plus lashings of Branston Pickle.

tanith Wed 25-Nov-20 19:02:54

Fennel did you really mean Branston with fish and chips?

grannypiper Wed 25-Nov-20 19:14:44

Crofters pie for DH and cottage pie for me served with diced turnip fried in butter and black pepper and carrots. Lemon yoghurt for me and Angel delight for his lordship.

Urmstongran Wed 25-Nov-20 19:19:02

Sardines on toast.

Gingster Wed 25-Nov-20 19:44:53

DH requested steak and kidney pie (not pud) for his birthday tea. I didn’t make it but bought it from our local butchers. Had it with mash , broccoli and carrots. Very tasty.

annsixty Wed 25-Nov-20 19:53:21

Chicken curry, out of the freezer, very ,very mild.
First though I had my first G&T for nearly 2 months.
Still no wine, I just don’t feel like it.

Fennel Wed 25-Nov-20 19:59:28

tanith - yes you dip the chips in the Branston.

phoenix Wed 25-Nov-20 20:10:08

Rather boring here, chicken thigh hot pot, (meat, onions, carrots, sliced potatoes on top, a few pinches of sage, stock etc, usual thing) with cauliflower and tenderstem broccoli on the side.

TerriBull Wed 25-Nov-20 20:22:27

We had green pepper and chorizo frittata with a warm salad, sounds a bit of an oxymoron I know, but I often like my salads warm. Tonight I chucked in some oven roasted Charlotte potatoes cooked in oil with sea salt and rosemary, plus some fine green beans tossed together with the leaves, and other more conventional salad like ingredients all combined and melded with French dressing.

Riverwalk Thu 26-Nov-20 08:14:41

RamblingRose I use Patak's tandoori paste - just mix the required amount with plain yoghurt and spread on meat/chicken then marinate for hours/overnight. I used chicken thighs so made slits in the skin.

Then baked at 190C for about 45 minutes.