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Present for my first grandchild?

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ellie22 Wed 06-Jan-21 20:11:48

My first grandchild is due at the beginning of April. We were going to offer to put towards a pushchair (goodness they are a price now!) or a cot but daughter and husband have bought both...they saved up for the pushchair and bought a fab cot second hand....she has bought quite a bit of stuff to be honest as is very organised. Relatives have bought a bouncy chair so can't buy that but would like to buy the first teddy for the baby (and have asked daughter who is all in favour)
Obviously that is not ALL we will buy...but I am very at sea these days with what is useful/good to buy for babies. I have bought bits, clothes etc although holding off on that as don't want to buy too much too soon nor do we, or they, know what sex the baby is.
So...any suggestions on good (cuddly and probably washable ) teddies. Or indeed anything you bought for your first grandchild. Obviously I did think perhaps cot/pram bedding although mum in law has made some lovely blankets (not my skill!)
It's been a ray of light in these dark times to be life and all that

PamelaJ1 Wed 06-Jan-21 20:23:28

I bought a seat thing that you put round your waist for baby’s bottom to sit on. It was more for me than baby. Took the strain off my back when carrying him around.
In my experience, which is limited, babies themselves need nothing these days. They seem to be inundated with stuff so maybe something special for later?
Someone gave my GS a lovely quilt for the cot, even if you aren’t a dab hand with a sewing machine you could probably get a personal one from a site like Etsy.

Grammaretto Wed 06-Jan-21 20:24:11

Congratulations! Ellie. It is wonderful to be a DGP for the first time.
I can't remember what we gave ours apart from real nappies because I was and am conscious of caring for the environment. I checked first that they wanted them. However they didn't use them but passed them on to my next DS for his and so on. My DiL in NZ used them all the time as there the sun always shines and the wind gets them dry.

What about a travel cot? There are some very smart, lightweight ones now and it is a signal that you want them to bring baby to stay with you.

Soupy Wed 06-Jan-21 20:46:03

We bought them a next to the bed cradle, with a side next to the bed that unzipped for ease of night time feeding. Their choice and lasted for almost 6 months until gc transferred to a cot.

Baby monitor for later on maybe?

A set of classic baby books?

Bibbity Wed 06-Jan-21 20:47:17

My youngest is 1 and the best present I had was money for their own accounts. They each have an ISA that was set up for birth and that’s what I wanted for the first two or three birthdays, Christmas’ and Easter etc.because they don’t need stuff but in 18/20 years that money will be very useful.

Congratulations on the little one. Hope everyone stays happy and healthy.

Newquay Wed 06-Jan-21 21:17:17

Congratulations-what fun you’re going to have! I bought my first DGD a Steiff bear. I bought a different Steiff bear for DGD who lives 3 hours away and I have the same one-so we can each have a cuddle of the teddy when we want one.

Missfoodlove Wed 06-Jan-21 21:23:04

We bought a child’s antique Windsor chair.
It is beautiful and will hopefully become an heirloom.
It was about £100.
Once outgrown they are lovely in older children’s rooms to put teddies on

B9exchange Wed 06-Jan-21 21:24:25

A playmat with dangling toys goes down well, I made one, but you could buy new. A baby sling, often used more than a pram. Whatever you get, do clear it first with the parents!

Callistemon Wed 06-Jan-21 21:49:45

Modern Steiff bears don't have the cachet that old ones do, but I would go for a Steiff if you do want to buy a teddy, as Newquay has said.

Otherwise a savings account or ask the parents.

Grannynannywanny Wed 06-Jan-21 22:04:51

My grandchildren all loved these cuddly comforters when they were babies. They snuggled with them at bedtime. If they become very attached to them, as my 4 did, they need at least 2 to allow for one being in the wash. They are very easily machine washable. There are lots of brands and varieties. If you google baby comforters you’ll see them.

Shandy57 Wed 06-Jan-21 22:04:57

When my son started school aged four, the teacher asked them to bring in their first toy, it does have significance. I agree with a Steiff or similar.

Hithere Wed 06-Jan-21 22:14:05

I agree with bibbity

Babies outgrow a anything so fast, or they don't get to use it at all, it's not worth it

Jaxjacky Wed 06-Jan-21 22:16:09

Congratulations to all ellie22 we’ve always paid for car seats continuously for our GC’s and funded good shoes for both of them, eldest GC now 13. Not as much fun as a teddy! But very appreciated by DD as both expensive and to all of us important.

annodomini Wed 06-Jan-21 22:20:19

A high chair that converts to a chair that can be used by the child sitting at the table. If they haven't already bought a car seat, they will need one from a very early stage.

NotSpaghetti Wed 06-Jan-21 22:48:24

Does the mum intend to breastfeed?
If so, one of the baby beds that come right against the parent's bed is a great help. Personally I'd talk to them about what they need later. If it's a first baby they really won't know.


GrandmaKT Wed 06-Jan-21 22:51:41

Congratulations! Do they have a car carrier/seat?

Callistemon Wed 06-Jan-21 22:55:34


My grandchildren all loved these cuddly comforters when they were babies. They snuggled with them at bedtime. If they become very attached to them, as my 4 did, they need at least 2 to allow for one being in the wash. They are very easily machine washable. There are lots of brands and varieties. If you google baby comforters you’ll see them.

Oh, Snugs!
The trauma one night when DGD was having a sleepover and Snugs didn't come.
(There were at least 3 of them).
Luckily a knitted fairy brought some comfort and peace was restored.

GagaJo Wed 06-Jan-21 22:56:02

Yes, baby monitor. One of the ones that has a movement sensor, and a camera as well as audio. The movement sensor goes off if the baby stops breathing.

Next 2 Me crib for their bedroom so they can co sleep without harm to the baby.

Also, what about commissioning (or knitting yourself if you knit) a baby shawl? Find out the colour scheme first!

Witzend Wed 06-Jan-21 22:59:07

For the latest Gdc I bought a sheepskin (special for babies) from Celtic Sheepskin, because they have hard wood floors and she was born in January.

twiglet77 Wed 06-Jan-21 23:04:30

My daughter asked for a lovely, luxurious leather changing bag, which was about £100 if I remember rightly. ExH paid for their car seat (I bought one for my own car when I started looking after DGS regularly).

He loved the little muslin squares edged with satin ribbon, we got them from Amazon. They were his sleepytime comforters and he always took one to nursery, even when he was 3 he liked to know there was one in his backpack although he seldom needed it by then.

Grannynannywanny Wed 06-Jan-21 23:07:13

Callistemon I can remember a similar sleepover 😂

Feelingmyage55 Wed 06-Jan-21 23:12:29

Reusable nappies are the in thing now. They are available with a patterned outer and are quite lovely. An expensive outlay but saves money in the long run.

NotSpaghetti Thu 07-Jan-21 00:16:25

Please don't invest in reusable nappies without doing some research. Babies come in different sizes and shapes and not all brands suit all babies.

It was possible last year to have a sort-of selection pack to see which fitted. I think "The Nappy Lady" sold them but probably wasn't the only company to do so. If they aren't for you, after a few weeks you can return them.

NaughtyNantheRed Thu 07-Jan-21 02:01:12

Hi I am new to this lovely site! I am a besotted Nan with 4 grand-children - 3 girls and 1 boy. Two of the girls are currently applying to Uni, my grand-son is almost 15 and my babba (I'm not a baby I'm a big girl Nan!!!) will be a teenager this year. I have bought so very many things for them over the years however...I think a keepsake is always wonderful for a grand-child. All 4 of mine have a sterling silver coronet with sparkly coloured Swarovski gems with their names engraved on. They are hung on their Christmas trees every year. Money for their savings accounts also very important. As much emotional and practical assistance you can give the parents probably the best gift of all however! Taking baby out for long walks so Mum can rest and when appropriate, having baby overnight so Mum & Dad can have some time for themselves. Congratulations!

Calendargirl Thu 07-Jan-21 06:58:46

Although teddies are lovely, so many babies are inundated with cuddly toys, which often end up in the local charity shop eventually.

Money to go in a savings account or premium bonds would be very useful.