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Lynker Thu 04-Mar-21 19:50:57

My husband wants us to take his daughter, her 3 teenage children and her partner on a week's cruise this summer. He has chosen a huge liner that is designed for children/families. In excess of 4000 passengers and 2000 staff. Would you want to go? He can't understand my anxiety just thinking about it. Thank you for your thoughts.

Peasblossom Thu 04-Mar-21 19:58:17

Which cruise line is it?

NellG Thu 04-Mar-21 19:58:43

What's the ship called, the SS Covid Central? Very sorry but he needs a sit down and a good think.

Coolgran65 Thu 04-Mar-21 20:00:15

He wants to do something nice. However I couldn’t even consider going on a cruise.

Marydoll Thu 04-Mar-21 20:04:43

Why would anyone consider going on a cruise ship this year? I'm not surprised you are anxious. Is he oblivious to what is happening in the world?

NotSpaghetti Thu 04-Mar-21 20:06:28

Could you suggest a beautiful villa with a pool somewhere gorgeous instead?

Children find it such fun to have their own pool. Our grandchildren were never bored.

We did this in Italy one year. It was SO lovely. We had someone local come in to cook one night, went to restaurants and ate lazy home-cooked suppers at home.

We deliberately chose an out of the way place but have also seen some great villas near Rome or beaches etc.

maddyone Thu 04-Mar-21 20:11:46

I can’t even begin to imagine why anyone would want to go on a cruise this year. Will the cruise even run? I’d be surprised if it does. A villa seems to me to be a much better idea.

Aveline Thu 04-Mar-21 20:39:39

Not this year. Its a kind thought of his though. Why not find somewhere nice in the UK? Somewhere with lots for the youngsters to do?

Blossoming Thu 04-Mar-21 20:51:44

It’s a lovely idea, but I agree. It’s much too soon.

BBbevan Thu 04-Mar-21 21:01:47

We had a cruise booked for this summer. It has just been cancelled by the cruise company. You can live in hope that this happens to you.. Lynker. I wouldn't go on any cruise this year.

Ashcombe Thu 04-Mar-21 21:06:20

One August, I went on a Mediterranean cruise with my (now ex) husband and, despite visiting fascinating places like Monaco, Pompeii and Athens, I found the heat and the crowds unbearable. We had no choice about the time of year but it was one of my least favourite holidays.

A villa with a pool sounds like a better option for a break in school holidays.

Grannybags Thu 04-Mar-21 21:14:02

No I wouldn't go on a cruise this year (or anywhere abroad for that matter)

Urmstongran Thu 04-Mar-21 21:30:10

I just don’t fancy a cruise.
That said, lockdown restrictions will be over on 21 June. You’ll both (and maybe all you adults) have been immunised.

Means you’ll be safe to go wherever you want. I’d go. If I liked a cruise.
Be brave!

B9exchange Thu 04-Mar-21 21:35:21

Having had two vaccinations by then, I wouldn't be worried. These huge ships are like floating towns, with pools, spas, shopping arcades, cinemas and theatres. I wonder if you haven't been on a cruise yet, and that is where your anxiety is coming from, or is it still covid related? If you can sort out what exactly your concerns are, then you can discuss them with him, and either resolve them of you both agree to defer.

LauraNorder Thu 04-Mar-21 21:44:19

What a lovely generous man, he wants to do something nice for his family so that you can all have fun together BUT sadly the vaccination is not going to make anyone safe. The virus is still spreading, we might not get as sick, just a mild dose but we can still spread it around. A cruise ship is like a floating Petri dish.
I’d tell him how kind he is, but ask him to make it a nice villa with a private pool, where you’ll all be safer and have more family fun without the distraction of hundreds of others.

JuneRose Thu 04-Mar-21 21:49:23

I'm sure the precautions on board will be extremely vigorous. Hygiene measures are taken very seriously on cruises in normal times. The cruise companies will be keen to avoid adverse publicity due to outbreaks of any kind on board. Particularly this year of all years.

cornergran Thu 04-Mar-21 22:01:34

Oh dear lynker. Your husband wants to do something for the family which is lovely but timing feels so wrong. I wonder how his daughter feels about it? I’m hoping she will share your reservations. Is there a reason he specifically wants a cruise? There are other holidays to be had. It sounds as if there is a lot of talking to be done. Personally I wouldn't consider a cruise this year but of course we’re all different. Good luck with this, I hope there can be an amicable agreement.

Sallywally1 Thu 04-Mar-21 22:08:26

We’ve been on several cruises. We both prefer a small ship, we find them friendlier. The ‘floating city’ type I would avoid, but then I don’t like crowds.

Personally I would not go again, but they are a good way of seeing parts of the world you might not otherwise visit.

From a hygiene point of view I would not worry. Pre COVID they were hyper vigilant, I think post COVID they would be hyper, hyper vigilant.

A visit to a villa sounds good instead thought!

Lynker Thu 04-Mar-21 22:31:15

Thank you ladies. I'm glad I am not being completely unreasonable. We have cruised before on smaller ships and have avoided ships primarily for family holidays. He thinks the kids will enjoy all the activities aboard and he wants to treat them all. I think I will try and suggest a villa or better still a property nearer to home. Thank you all again for your replies.

Esspee Thu 04-Mar-21 22:52:41

Floating town is not how I would describe a cruise ship. More like a floating Petrie dish.

Grandma11 Thu 04-Mar-21 23:00:14

We took our two Teenage Daughters on a Cruise around the Canary Islands the Christmas that my DH retired. They were 14 and 16 at the time, and likewise it was on a fairly large shop aimed at families. They hated it, complained about missing their friends, not happy the formal side of things at Evening meal times, or the choice of Films being screened at the on-board Cinema.
They then started to play a game of Hide and Seek in their bordom, and had us worried silly when they his amongst some stacks of sunbeds out on deck and nobody could find them.
The only time they were happy was whilst out on excursions visiting the beaches or doing things like Camel riding or watersports involving speedboats, never again would we ever take them on another Cruise, yet DH and I loved Cruising and enjoyed several more afterwards just as a Couple. I certainly would not go on another one at the moment, and if we did, it would be on-board a smaller ship, where shorter waiting times just to get served at the Buffet, or even to disembark ship in the ports, or the mad scramble for good seats in the Entertainment areas after dinner is less stressful than a City sized Superliner!

Ro60 Fri 05-Mar-21 00:41:51

Most seem to be cancelled until September now.
Even if they did sail it's possible a lot of the activities would not go ahead ( at the start of the pandemic they were suggesting sailing with pools closed & limited events etc.)

nanna8 Fri 05-Mar-21 01:33:18

Until this disease is well and truly under control I wouldn’t even think about it. Imagine being stuck quarantining in a small cabin with nothing to do. You have to think of the countries which haven’t yet got the vaccine, not just the UK. They have staff from all over the place on these ships.

gt66 Fri 05-Mar-21 07:32:48

What about Centre Parcs in this country? I went with my teenagers, back in the 90's and we all had a great time; left the car in the car park, hired bikes, did archery, badminton, sailing and lots of other activities.

We were never bored, as there's so much to do, indoors, or out, so not a problem if the weather is bad.

gt66 Fri 05-Mar-21 07:36:27

I would also add that even though there's losts to do, it was also the most relaxing holiday I've ever had!