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Late bucket list? Any unrealized dreams?

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Foxglove77 Thu 11-Mar-21 18:28:02

I was just considering what I would still love to do. I dont fancy jumping out of a plane or a bungee jump. I do want to see the Giants causeway and cuddle a koala. Maybe drive a steam train. What dreams do you still have?

B9exchange Thu 11-Mar-21 18:33:28

I would like to go to Costa Rica, and to Madagascar. Cuddling a koala was on my bucket list, and I got to do it a few years ago. Queensland is the only state in Australia where they still let you. Mine was called Crumble, and se looked up at me, bumped noses, and then put her arms round my neck. DH's just sat there and ignored him, he was very jealous!

MerylStreep Thu 11-Mar-21 18:36:33

I know it’s impossible but it would be to circle the earth in a space capsule.

tobyandsocks Thu 11-Mar-21 18:46:13

I have always dreamed of visiting Canada, doing a skydive and going on a safari in Africa😄

Foxglove77 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:17:19

B9exchange oh wow you got to cuddle a koala! What a lovely experience. Im jealous!

B9exchange Thu 11-Mar-21 19:21:12

Yes, it was a dream come true, and she didn't smell at all! On the same trip we got to stroke lion cubs in New Zealand. On another trip I have also sat beside and tickled the chin of a fully grown lioness and a tiger, and stroked a cheetah's back, these things have to be done!

grannyrebel7 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:30:38

I went to New South Wales and they didn't let you cuddle the koals there. I was gutted!

Pittcity Thu 11-Mar-21 19:38:42

I have stroked a Koala in Tasmania but that's as close as we were allowed. It's not approved of. They are incontinent and can pass on loads of nasties. Wouldn't fancy it at all.
The only thing I still have on my list is to go to Wimbledon. I got tickets in last year's ballot and , of course, couldn't go. Fingers crossed for this year.

NotAGran55 Thu 11-Mar-21 19:49:06

To visit Uluru .
On a previous visit to Australia I fulfilled my ultimate Bucket List dream of doing The Bridge Climb over Sydney Harbour Bridge with my family.

B9exchange Thu 11-Mar-21 19:59:46

You were brave NotAGran55, we took one look at the price and the distance, and went up one of the pylons to the lookout at the top instead!

I am glad my koala was well behaved, and staff were on hand to ensure you washed thoroughly before and afterwards. Each koala was only allowed three or four cuddles, and the minute they looked bored they were taken off for a rest.

EllanVannin Thu 11-Mar-21 20:32:12

Taronga zoo Sydney allowed me to hold a koala and I have a photo. This was in the 90's, I don't know about now.

I've packed in a lot of travelling and sights etc. over 30 years and have no need/desire to do anything else. Hundreds of photo's if the GGC will ever be interested in them in years to come.
Video's to transfer to cd's to watch if they so wish.

I'm more than happy to have done what I did and don't have any desire to do or go anywhere else.

EllanVannin Thu 11-Mar-21 20:45:15

Have flown over Uluru and also saw the tip of Everest when flying over the Himalayas, both times on my way to Oz on different airlines

BrightandBreezy Thu 11-Mar-21 20:45:48

I have always wanted to visit India particular the Taj Mahal. Had been looking into it for quite a while before lockdown. Annoyed with myself now. It was going to be our holiday of a life time and because of this I spent a lot of time researching it. Should have gone 2 years ago but really wanted to be perfect so kept delaying looking up the best options whilst going on lesser holidays. The covid came along. Don't know if we'll ever get now. Definitely don't want a tour wearing face masks in a country where the vaccine hasn't been rolled out so goodness knows when.

Esspee Thu 11-Mar-21 23:49:05

We had a few trips cancelled last year. The India tour is unlikely to happen ever now as by the time I would consider it safe to go I’ll probably be too old.

BrightandBreezy Fri 12-Mar-21 00:10:34

That is exactly how I feel Esspee. Oh well ...first world problem. I will just be grateful to be out of lockdown and managing to get somewhere ...anywhere ... scenic and warm.

CanadianGran Fri 12-Mar-21 00:21:50

I've always wanted to see the redwood or sequoia forests. Perhaps on a future trip we can combine that and the Grand Canyon.

Also on the list is a long camper-van trip, maybe through US and back through Canada. But I don't really want to buy a camper-van, so maybe rent one. It would be terribly expensive for the amount of time I would like. Maybe this dream isn't very practical.

Humbertbear Fri 12-Mar-21 07:19:01

I’ve visited most of the places on my bucket list but I would like to trek to Everest base camp (I’m too old) and visit South Georgia and Antarctica (too expensive).

Dorsetcupcake61 Fri 12-Mar-21 07:25:44

Brightandbreezy I am exactly in the same position. I've wanted to go to India since I was 18. Until the past 4 years I hadnt had the opportunity to travel. For some reason I delayed India. I think I felt it would be physically demanding due to heat etc and tbh wanted to be a bit fitter/slimmer to cope with it. Eventually I planned to do it for my 60th year ,which is this year.
I have been tremendously lucky and have visited all the other places on my bucket list.
I had to use a lot of my savings last year. Aside from that I dont see the appeal of travel at the moment. Everything from the covid procedures at the airport to the thought of having a holiday under covid restrictions looks more stressful than fun. 🙁.
I have it in the back of my mind that it may be possible in a few years, but who knows?
By then of course theres the concern I may be of an age where it's less pleasurable to do long haul travel. That said when I have travelled there have been some amazing ladies in their 80s!
If it's meant to be it will happen. Meanwhile I'm grateful for what I have experienced 😊

Liz46 Fri 12-Mar-21 07:32:47

I travelled on a speed boat when I was in Cuba. It was a fairly sedate journey through the mangroves but I would love to go faster in one.

Calendargirl Fri 12-Mar-21 07:45:17

I have visited Uluru, pleased I’ve been but would not want to go there again.

Have also done the Sydney Bridge Climb, yes that was exhilarating. Expensive, but I was with a generous friend and it was her treat.

dogsmother Fri 12-Mar-21 08:11:16

I loved my trip to Oz. Did a round trip covered most of it and Uluru was a highlight but the camel farm there was wonderful too. Also got down to climb the bridge which considering I get a bit of vertigo pleased me’s a case of look ahead and don’t look down or everything spins.

Maggiemaybe Fri 12-Mar-21 08:17:46

My abiding memory of the bridge climb is that I cracked my head on a (fortunately well padded) girder and literally saw stars. I hadn’t realised that could actually happen till then!

My bucket list has a few things left on it. Some are challenges I’ll probably just quietly let drop - running a marathon for one. I’m still hoping to get to tour round Mexico.

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 12-Mar-21 08:19:18

When we were first married in 1976, we spent two years in Seychelles where OH was a junior engineer. I would love to go back for a holiday.

Grandma11 Fri 12-Mar-21 08:54:10

I always dreamed of going on a long world Cruise with DH once we retired, visiting all the places so perfectly photographed in the glossy magazines and travel brochures.

The reality is always quite different though, Lack of funding, family needs and responsibilities, caring for Grandchildren and Elderly Dad for around 3 months whilst we were away, and the very high cost and/or acceptance for Travel insurance and onboard criteria of whatever Cruise line you would be travelling with!
When DH first retired, many years ago now, we did sail Trans-Atlantic from the U.K. to the Caribbean for 23 nights. We were both younger, fitter, more mobile, and had saved up for it for a few years previously. It was quite an experience when the time came, not only the amount of luggage we needed to carry for a long stay, the awful laden journey via public transport down to the port, interrogation to board the ship, long ques, and finally reaching ‘home’ for the three weeks inside a tiny cabin, with its very long walk every time you wanted a simple snack or even a coffee!
It certainly was an experience, we got soaked in a Monsoon, steamed our way through a rainforest, dived on a Submarine, and sailed around St Lucia on a Catamaran.
We also visited the onboard shows, l fell asleep during some of the boring Lectures, and desperately missed my family and Grandchildren back home, and the normality of the simple things like fresh milk in our Tea, pure Orange juice, not the onboard powdered varieties, and British favourites such as Fish and Chips!

Would we cope with all this for 90days if given the circumstances and opportunity today? Probably not, and they would not accept us onboard due to our long term conditions anyway, so for us, it has to be a Dream unfortunately, or maybe the reality would have been a Nightmare, given the pandemic and the world as it is today.

ninathenana Fri 12-Mar-21 09:00:22

I've always yearned to fly in a glider over the Grand Canyon.
I adore dolphins and on one hand would love to swim with them in the ocean not in captivity but on the other hand I know it's not a good thing