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NanKate Thu 11-Mar-21 21:35:27

I always seem to wear socks now. The problem is they are either too tight, too large, even though I buy the right size. Do any of you have recommendations please for good fit and comfort ?

Blossoming Sun 19-Sep-21 12:58:32

My feet are smaller than yours jillybird and I find Seasalt socks the best for me.

User7777 Sun 19-Sep-21 16:19:49

I wear flight socks to the knee. Swollen legs and feet now much better. Strangely, I found the Original Factory Shops flight socks best. £3.00 for one pair. As opposed to £27.00 pounds in some other shops

Dibbydod Sun 19-Sep-21 16:36:49

I always buy ladies “ Diabetic” socks from EBay . ( I am not diabetic) They have a nice comfy top and don’t slip down , will last wash after wash , also they good buy at around £5 for 3 pairs .

GrandmaKT Sun 19-Sep-21 18:38:43


Just discovered this company. I need size 9 and could never find fun or colourful socks. Also women's socks always end with size 7 or 8 or are one size.

These do them all in 3 sizes and they are brilliant. Soft material, soft tops and long. Wash well,

Got my tiger socks on today.

But they don't match!?!
I never considered myself OCD, but now I'm wondering.....

Claretjan Sun 19-Sep-21 20:44:40

Jillybird I am a size 4 and have the same problem. M&S have socks in size 3 - 5 if that helps.