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Favourite and Worst Adverts.

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songstress60 Mon 15-Mar-21 16:28:34

Since lockdown several adverts really get on my nerves:-
The Tena Lady Advert, The Purf with Surf Advert, The latest Nationwide Advert and at Christmas the sprog who murders that lovely Beyonce song "If I were a Boy". He mangles it when he screeches "If I were a Toy!". I used to love that Beyonce song till her murdered it.

My favourite ads are the petfood ads. They are so cute. Have any other gransnet readers got favourite and worst ads?

Calendargirl Mon 15-Mar-21 17:43:49

I rather like the Halifax advert. Good music, and the chap who works for them looks as though he would make a nice son-in-law!

Susiewong65 Mon 15-Mar-21 17:48:45

All car adverts irritate me I’m afraid.

NellG Mon 15-Mar-21 18:53:59

The Sharps bedroom ads - mainly because for some bizarre reason the dog goes insane when they come on. She's been known to hurtle down the stairs and hurl herself at the TV when they come on.

I loathe perfume ads - Johnny Depp digging in the desert, Kristen Stewart running around wrapped in bandages and Natalie Portman being a spoiled brat - ugh!

grannyrebel7 Mon 15-Mar-21 18:58:25

I love the Lloyd's bank adverts with that beautiful black horse.

Beechnut Mon 15-Mar-21 20:22:59

I’ve had meat and two veg all my life. Today I’m having Quorn and two veg. 🤣

Scribbles Mon 15-Mar-21 22:49:23

I can't stand those radio ads for Vodaphone, voiced by a woman who sounds as though she's going down with a nasty case of pharyngitis. (Her name is Sophia Brown and she does many other ads sounding perfectly normal so maybe she really was unwell).

crazyH Mon 15-Mar-21 23:02:54

Favourite ......the Nationwide advert...’oh, he’s turned up again’ 😂

Calendargirl Tue 16-Mar-21 20:20:33

The ice cream advert with Sandi Toksvig.

Calendargirl Tue 16-Mar-21 20:20:54

Annoying, see previous post.

JuneRose Tue 16-Mar-21 21:23:48

Daisy daisy daisy... That perfume ad. Really gets on my wick 😬

merlotgran Tue 16-Mar-21 21:59:19

My take on the Aunt Bessie advert :

"I used to love my Nan's roasts. She'd cook 'em every Sunday without fail."

Did the poor woman never get a Sunday off? No wonder she cheated and had a freezer full of Aunt Bessie's finest.

"'Ow's it going out there, me luv?" = "Where the bl**dy 'ell is it? Me stomach thinks me throat's been cut!"

"I'm nearly there, sweetheart" = "What did your last slave die of?"

"Never wanted owt. That's just how she was" = More than her life's worth to complain that the miserable old bugger never bought her anything.

"She was an amazing woman my Nan, truly amazing." = "Although sorely tempted, she never clobbered him once!"

"When she finally puts it on the table, me Grandad, who suffers from OCD, then rearranges it all while it goes cold"

According to the ad.... Caring is the hardest thing we do.

Tipping it over his head would be a lot more liberating. grin

Curlywhirly Tue 16-Mar-21 22:18:19

Don't know which perfume (think it might be a Dior one) when the woman belligerently looks to camera and says 'what would you do for love?'
Also, can't stand the one where a woman is advertising a shampoo and whispers it's for 'the over 40s' like it's something to be ashamed of!