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Weighted Blankets: Are they worth the money?

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Ffion63 Mon 19-Apr-21 22:25:22

Does anyone have experience of sleeping with a weighted blanket? My husband and I are not good sleepers and I believe they are helpful at improving sleep. I’m not sure how they work and, as they are expensive, I don’t want to buy one and make a mistake. I already have a cupboard full of duvets in a range of togs! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Sara1954 Mon 19-Apr-21 22:33:04

I bought one a few weeks ago as a last resort, sleeping so badly. After four nights, it was taken off, and shoved in a cupboard.
There were several reasons it didn’t work for me, one, it was so hot, I like being warm in bed, but not that warm!
Secondly, every move seemed to tangle everything up, because it doesn’t seem to move with you, every night I was getting up at about three o clock to remake the bed.
I quite like the weighted feeling, and maybe if you sleep on your own, and don’t move about too much, it would be different. For me, I’m back with my night time tea, and pillow spray.

CafeAuLait Mon 19-Apr-21 23:01:40

I have one that has sat in the cupboard for quite a while. I like it but I don't think I could use it in summer months.

Mollygo Mon 19-Apr-21 23:03:46

My GS with ASD finds it really helpful. I tried it before passing it on to him, but couldn’t cope with it.

GrannyRose15 Mon 19-Apr-21 23:06:33

I have one as a treatment for restless legs and I must admit I find it very good in that respect. Yes it is a bit hot, and it does restrict your movements but I think that is the point.

I have it on my side of the bed so DH doesn't share it. I think if we did it would cause a bit of a problem considering how we normally fight over the bedclothes.

To be honest my sleep problems are so bad that anything that helps for a while is welcome and I've tried herbal teas and sprays with little effect so I think on balance the blanket is a hit.

CafeAuLait Mon 19-Apr-21 23:59:14

As another option, you can get stretchy sheets (I think lycra?) that has a similar effect when tucked around tightly.

Lovetopaint037 Tue 20-Apr-21 09:27:43

I found by accident and before I heard about this that if I placed a very full and quite weighty pillow over my duvet and therefore over my shoulders it actually sent me to sleep. As I have suffered with chronic insomnia for years it has been a revelation. It’s like a signal to my brain to go to sleep or that is how it seems. Now I can’t sleep without it. Also it didn’t cost me anything as I already had a substantial pillow.

Welshwife Tue 20-Apr-21 10:24:24

We have a very heavy Laura Ashley bedspread which has a trimming of beads all around the edges. It is not advertised as a weighted blanket but I find whenever I pull it up over us - on top of the duvet - I sleep much better and tend to stay very still. I do like the feeling of the weight - our duvet is 10 tog so as we never have bedroom heating on the bedspread does not make us too hot during the winter.

midgey Tue 20-Apr-21 10:59:17

My daughter bought one to help her daughter who has huge problems sleeping. Absolutely useless for granddaughter but my daughter loves it! So I think your only hope is to see if you can get a bargain one and try it!

Blossoming Tue 20-Apr-21 11:55:43

I can’t stand any weight on me in bed so I don’t think it would work for me. My autistic nephew has one that he wraps up in when he needs a bit of quiet time.

Theone Tue 20-Apr-21 12:20:36

I have found that tucking our, fairly heavy, bedspread in at the bottom and lower sides (not all the way up) has made a massive difference to the quality of sleep we get. Some mornings I swear I haven't moved all night!

NotAGran55 Tue 20-Apr-21 13:20:58

It has made a huge difference to my sleep 💤, however as others have said it is too hot in the warmer months unfortunately. Mine was from John Lewis.

Sparklefizz Tue 20-Apr-21 14:09:22

I love my weighted blanket and look forward to getting under it every night. I used to be a very restless sleeper, tossing and turning and watching the clock, but now I hardly move all night.

I bought the Koala weighted blanket which came out as No. 1 in a survey a couple of years ago. I managed to get it in a sale.

I use a top sheet and then put the weighted blanket on top, then I can just change the sheet to wash, and not have to keep changing the cover on the blanket.

I wouldn't be without mine.

Knittynatter Tue 20-Apr-21 14:17:39

When I was little, way before duvets were a thing, we had sheets and wool blankets and we were tucked up tight every night. That is what my heavy blanket (chunky Aran knit blanket) that I use, on top of my low tog duvet, reminds me of - and I sleep so well now.

CassieJ Tue 20-Apr-21 17:53:26

I tried on last year as my sleep is dreadful. I had the 7.5 kg weight one. I snuggle under my quilt, but found I couldn't do this with a weighted blanket. I also move a lot which also didn't help.
I gave up after 3 months and sold it.

tinysidsmum Thu 22-Apr-21 10:38:52

My granddaughter has Autism and ADHD and never used to sleep properly, with a weighted blanket she sleeps so better now.

Arty2 Thu 22-Apr-21 10:40:48

If you mean solid wool blankets made by tweed places then YES worth every penny. Wool wash usually. I did have about 4 when hubby alive. Now just one in a tartan. I also have fleece blankets on main and spare bed. Surprising how much heat they keep in and SO much cheaper!

PinkCosmos Thu 22-Apr-21 10:59:26

My adult son has just bought one but it doesn't seem to be making any difference.

We recently bought a Siberian goose down duvet which was so lightweight I thought I wouldn't be able to sleep under it. I have got used to it now and sleep well with the lighter weight, especially in summer.

Maybe we should revert back to blankets and eiderdowns like in the olden days. The combination of those on the bed was so heavy.

grannylyn65 Thu 22-Apr-21 11:02:17

I absolutely hate mine

Yogagran70 Thu 22-Apr-21 11:03:13

Home Bargains sell one for £24.99, 15gs, I felt that it helped a bit

Yogagran70 Thu 22-Apr-21 11:05:41

I crocheted a blanket as well, which I put on top of duvet, feels quite weighted too

Sara1954 Thu 22-Apr-21 11:28:15

I can’t bear duvets, always sheets and blankets for me, and I crocheted a really big thick blanket to go on top, which is heavy.
I like the idea of the weighted blanket, but it was so hot, and everything seemed to get so tangled up.

omega1 Thu 22-Apr-21 12:11:36

I got mediction from the Doctor because I couldn't sleep It is a low dosage, non habit forming and its wonderful. I always get a good nights sleep now

Theoddbird Thu 22-Apr-21 12:14:25

Ditch the duvet and go back to sheet
blankets and a proper quilt. You can adjust to a weight you are comfortable with. Far better than a duvet.

EllanVannin Thu 22-Apr-21 12:29:58

I have a merino wool underblanket and top blanket plus a feather quilt then a large candlewick spread covering all-----sleep like a top grin.