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With all the discussions about noisy neighbours,

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Lollin Mon 03-May-21 20:19:50

Why do current gardening programmes insist on encouraging things like building garden bars?

And house programmes encourage televisions on walls which are on the party wall and hot tubs etc?

Okay if you don’t live in the standard homes in UK. Moan over.

Septimia Mon 03-May-21 20:57:38

I like looking at estate agents websites. I can't believe how many people completely pave over their gardens and turn them into outside rooms.

No grass, no flowers or shrubs or trees. Not at all good for the environment. Very bleak, too.

There'd be no point doing that where we live. Sitting outside in the evening is seldom possible - unless you want to be eaten alive by midges!

Hipsy Mon 03-May-21 21:01:30

It's really all about striking the right balance.
Living the life you want in your own home but with consideration for the neighbours

vampirequeen Tue 04-May-21 06:24:54

Or they spend £5000. I want to know what to do with £10 and a plastic pot grin

Lollin Tue 04-May-21 06:27:01

Me too vampirequeen !

Sara1954 Tue 04-May-21 06:30:45

Someone I work with has built a bar in his back garden, complete with seating and a hot tub, he’s in a mid terrace, with the smallest garden, must be hell for the neighbors.

grandMattie Tue 04-May-21 06:34:27

Our neighbours across the road have a hot tub in their back garden. They air B&B when they can - apparently they have another house they go to... The noise from drinking and this blooming tub at night and screams from youngsters in the day are not fun.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 04-May-21 20:19:27

I’m with you on this one Lollin. We live in between 1 neighbour who has built a “bar” in his garden although it’s more like a little shack. Doesn’t stop him playing the pub landlord role 😕 currently it seems to be friends round on Saturday family on Sunday. The other neighbour looks like there is something similar being constructed in his back garden.
DH and I are currently doing improvements inside the house with a view to selling 🤞

MerylStreep Tue 04-May-21 20:38:14

Not everyone with a bar in their garden is a loud mouthed yob.
The garden next door to us was completely paved over because both people were wheelchair users and had no interest in gardening whatsoever.
The new resident filled it with beautiful large pots and beautiful garden furniture.

My OH built her bar in the garden. She entertains a lot of people from her church where she is one of the elders. No loud voices, no loud music. Just the gentle low hum of people enjoying the open air with good friends, of which we are one of.

icanhandthemback Wed 05-May-21 10:35:43

Our neighbours on both sides have outside entertainment in the garden. They don't disturb us at all and we are happy for them to be having the fun we'd like to have!

greenlady102 Wed 05-May-21 10:52:36

if you have noise issues then contact you council who have the powers to deal with them, including that arising from air b and b's

3nanny6 Wed 05-May-21 10:56:58

Where my DD lives is fairly new. There is a parking space for each house just outside the front door. Also a few feet of space to put plants near the door. Each home has a side entrance to get to back garden.

DD does not drive and twice I have gone to her house recently and the neighbours friend has parked on my daughters space, (no asking)she has just done it. I did not want to confront anyone so parked elsewhere. If it is not the cars then it is the neighbours childrens huge metal framed
football net that blocks my DDs drive.
My DD is too polite and reserved and says nothing but I am almost spitting feathers but say nothing as it' s not my home.
The partner of the neighbour has one of those jet wash contraptions that is stuck out the front as well. Plus his van.

The partner has just built a shed type thing at the back and labelled it Beer Garden as yet there has not been much use of it but there have been friends in and out so I suppose they will be enjoying themselves outside soon.

Well that's moan over for me but I think that DDs neighbours have got a cheek but without her saying anything it is not down to me.

JaneJudge Wed 05-May-21 11:00:41

I honestly think it depends on your house and garden size and proximity the neighbours. Sorry to state the bleeding obvious

Paperbackwriter Wed 05-May-21 11:05:06

I don't understand the craze for hot tubs. I'm not over-picky, hygiene-wise generally, but aren't those tubs just a pool of fermenting bugs? I'm probably wrong but I wouldn't want to get in one!

MerylStreep Wed 05-May-21 11:13:52

plus his van I’d contact Emily Thornberry. She’ll be able to advise you on the van as she has history on sneering at vans.

Craftycat Wed 05-May-21 11:21:19

I'm sorry but if you chose to live in a house with near neighbours then you have to accept a bit of noise.
I have no problem with the neighbours children- it is lovely to hear them playing. My problem is the woman next door who is in her 80's & very deaf. She has friends round almost every fine day & they sit on her patio- which is next to ours but with a big thick hedge in between- & they shout at each other all afternoon! I know they cannot help it but it is very annoying. If I am by myself I take my sunbed down the garden a way= I can still hear them but it is not so bad. I did try earplugs but then I could not hear my own doorbell!
It is just the way it is & I have to accept it but when I have friends or family here I do try & keep the level of noise down. I don't know why I bother as she is so deaf anyway.
What does amuse me is when she is complaining about things I do not aware that I can hear every word (usually objects to the way I hang clothes on the line- with pegs? -or plants I have in my garden that she does not like- I have no idea why she thinks it is anything to do with her!)

MargaretinNorthant Wed 05-May-21 11:23:03


MargaretinNorthant Wed 05-May-21 11:24:40

Dash it, that was supposed to go as a comment to grandmadinosaur!

Theoddbird Wed 05-May-21 11:25:15

Stop complaining here and talk to the people making the noise. That is the only way to stop it. Either that or wear ear plugs..

3nanny6 Wed 05-May-21 11:31:58

MerylStreep: You seem to be implying something and you are coming across as if I sneered at his van. Rather patronising and childish so as I have a life I will not bother to post comments.
I have better things to do. By the way I am not even in that constituency and what is wrong with wanting to keep your home decent anyway so your comment says a lot about you.

Millie22 Wed 05-May-21 11:34:40

I've just realised what you mean by 'bar' like in a pub. I thought why would anyone want that in their garden. Obviously not a metal bar then.

JaneJudge Wed 05-May-21 11:42:56

garden bar

grin at metal bar, I thought the same to begin with. Literal thinkers anonymous

EllanVannin Wed 05-May-21 11:46:57

I wouldn't want a hot-tub either, least of all get in one--Yuk !!

Purplepixie Wed 05-May-21 11:50:57

You are lucky these days if you have good neighbours. Ours are horrible! The police are never away and I don't know how he has not been arrested by now. Taking photos of one of our single mum neighbours etc. During the first lock down they had all of their relatives round in their garden. AND four other houses on our little estate are related to them. They are noisy and disrespectful but I dont see why we should move because of them.

Also I hate to see people paving over their gardens. What about the wild life, insects and birds etc. Ours is a real wild life haven with two tree. Oh and the horrible neighbours wants us to cut the trees down and snips away any stray branches that get into his side. Grrrrrr. I love trees.

EllanVannin Wed 05-May-21 11:55:51

We're lucky in having a neighbourhood watch area so any undesirables are quickly sorted.