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honeyrose Sat 15-May-21 16:15:18

This seems so flippant, but I can’t decide whether to colour my grey hair! My last hair colour (retouching of my roots) was in March 2020 and now all the colour has grown out and I’m as grey as a badger! It’s quite a nice iron grey, with different shades of grey in it (maybe not 50 shades though!). Grey hair really suits some people, but I don’t know whether it suits me. I feel really old now! I am 66 so no spring chicken, but now feel I look even older. Just got my state pension and a bus pass which is great, but adds to the feeling of growing older! Has anyone successfully coloured grey hair to be a natural looking light brown colour, probably highlighted and low lighted as I like hair to not look like one colour but subtly different shades. I want to look and feel a bit younger. Call me vain if you wish! Maybe I’m just lacking in confidence and have a fear of growing old. Am I being a silly old (ish) woman?!

cornishpatsy Sat 15-May-21 16:35:59

I have just had different shades of grey highlights, slate, silver, smokey and metallic. Blends well but looks modern. The pic is not me but shows what I mean.

wildswan16 Sat 15-May-21 17:09:52

Before bothering to colour your hair for the next twenty years or so, I would give some attention to your make-up (if you wear it) and the colour of clothes that you wear. I have found that I now buy totally different colours than I did before I went grey. My old clothes make me look much more washed out (and therefore older) than the new colours.

Puzzler61 Sat 15-May-21 17:19:20

I let my hair go grey at a similar age to you honeyrose but after a couple of years I started to feel old and grey.
One day I told no one what I was going to do, and home-dyed it a golden auburn shade with a semi-permanent dye (L’Oréal).
It lifted my mood instantly and I keep it coloured all the time. It’s a personal thing - but there is a regular cost to dying your hair especially if you have it done in a salon (around £50 in my area).

JustMe Sat 15-May-21 17:27:59

I am the same age as you honeyrose and I gave in about 6 years ago and I am now grey.

I can't say I really love it but the maintenance for my hair was getting beyond a joke! Also, I think my hair is very porous and we have a connection to Spain and I spend some time there and every time I had my hair dyed and highlights, it was just turning a horrible orange colour with the sun. Even when I wore a hat!

So I gave in.
People say it's a nice colour, but I wish it would go more white to be honest, as it's a bit half and half.

I couldn't recommend whether you should or shouldn't give in to the grey but I will say, I am far more used to it now than I was!

timetogo2016 Sat 15-May-21 17:35:45

I have started going grey and tbh it doesn`t bother me one bit.
What is strange though is i have straight hair but the grey hairs are very wavy.
And a friend of mine has also started going grey and she has the curliest hair ever and her grey is coming through straight.
And you are not being vain or silly honeyrose and tyour lack of confidence is possibly covid related.

grannypiper Sat 15-May-21 17:52:50

I went from black to steel grey by my mid 40s. As i refuse to cover my head in such harsh chemicals it will stay grey. I don't feel old, and i have had s many compliments and once when i was in the hairdressers the customer sat next to me asked for whatever dye job i had.

Cabbie21 Sat 15-May-21 18:51:07

I always had my hair coloured at the salon pre- COVID and I was very undecided what to do last July. By that time there was a lot of grey, so after much discussion, I had some foils put in which just gave me back a bit more colour. This time, I am a lot more grey and whilst I don’t really like it, I feel it is time to embrace the grey, though still mitigated with a bit of colour in foils. I am not sure it has worked though, and I might as well just let it go, maybe with what the hairdresser called a toner, just to give it a lift and shine.
Wearing lighter coloured clothes improves the look, so I have to keep remembering not to wear my favourite dark colours.
( Not that anybody much sees me at the moment.)

rafichagran Sat 15-May-21 18:59:57

No, blond highlights and natural colour. I have it done every 7/8 weeks and hairdresser comes to the house. £50.00 including the cut.

foxie48 Sat 15-May-21 19:53:56

Grey looks fab on some people but not on me. I disguised the grey coming in for a long time with blonde highlights but I changed hairdresser and she said go back to your natural colour. So I did, which is a med to dark brown. Wow, I immediately looked 10 years younger and my eyes really lit up. I'm in my early 70's and still got dark brown hair, roots are a pain and need maintenance but tbh I can afford to get it done and I feel good. Honestly, we are all different but I love my hair colour so for me it's worth the effort.

Puzzler61 Sun 16-May-21 07:38:26

I agree foxie about grey looking fab on some people. I have a pale skin tone so it just made me look washed out.

Georgesgran Sun 16-May-21 08:03:36

I had dark brown hair but it’s now completely white. It doesn’t bother me and I know that if I coloured it, it’s so fine, that my scalp would show through - not a good look.
I’ve a swatch of fabric colours meant to suit me (colour me beautiful) and after 30 years, I still refer to it.

Chardy Sun 16-May-21 08:29:05

Hair colour should match skin tone. And I love the idea of silver and grey highlights cornishpatsy

Shelflife Sun 16-May-21 08:32:08

Mine is very grey now. Have had it coloured many times at the hairdressers. Always happy with it , have foils in . Result ,a very soft and natural light brown. Very much like my natural colour. However it costs a fortune! My hair is fine and short and tempted to colour myself. Can anyone suggest an off the shelf colour , perhaps semi permanent ( washes out after a period of time ) Need a soft natural looking colour. I often see others with grey hair and they look amazing!

baubles Sun 16-May-21 08:44:30

I spent many years and a small fortune disguising the grey in my dark hair, going lighter with caramel shades then highlights and lowlights, ending up blonde. Eventually I tired of the time and money I was spending at the salon not to mention the feeling that chemical laden hair couldn’t be healthy.

After a couple of false starts I managed to grow it out. My hair is now a mix of white and steel grey. A hairdresser in my town stopped me in the street to tell me how stunning it is, I haven’t had so many compliments in years. I do find that I wear more colour now and I’m quite fond of a bright lipstick!

My thinking was that if I hated it I could always use toners or semi permanent colour. I’ve never felt the need to do so though and the freedom from the tyranny of roots is wonderful.

harrigran Sun 16-May-21 09:17:52

I was advised not to colour my hair while having chemotherapy, when it was all over I was left with a sensitive scalp so that was it as far as I was concerned. It didn't take long for the grey to take over as I have my hair very short.

grandtanteJE65 Tue 18-May-21 12:26:53

The advice about finding different shades of clothes and make-up is sound, if you want to remain grey haired.

If not, there are various points to consider.

Do you really want to dye your hair regularly from now on?

Are you sure your hair colour will suit your skin tone as you grow older - it does tend to change too.

If you do not adapt to grey hair now, when will you?

We all tend to look in the mirror and think "Who is this old woman?" or look at old photos and think how much nicer we looked then. I have just done so, but then I remembered that I didn't feel pretty in the summer of 1988 when that photo was taken!

My hair is red, brown and grey, all natural shades, right now. I just wish it would hurry up and settle for one colour!

Cabbie21 Tue 18-May-21 13:07:44

I have had all those thoughts, grandtanteJE65.
Except for the last paragraph. My hair is brown white and grey now and make me look old, but I don’t feel that old at 75.

dogsmother Tue 18-May-21 13:17:47

I quite like mine being just black and white.
I agree with the comments regarding skin tone, make up and clothes that wear being important. If only I followed the mantra haha. My face is certainly lifted and brighter when I do!

maryrose54 Tue 18-May-21 14:01:51

I am 67 and have been naturally grey, well white mainly, for about 10 years. Have received many compliments on the colour. I think as OP said, a lot depends on the colours you wear and the hairstyle. Sometimes longer grey hair can look ageing I feel.

Puzzled Tue 18-May-21 17:11:01

Many folk look quite distinguished / attractive with grey hair.
make the most of it. Remember a lot of men don't even get the opportunity!
Like taxes and death, it is feature of life, so make the most and best of it.

crazyH Tue 18-May-21 17:18:42

I too am a bit vain, and colour it myself every couple of weeks

BlueSky Thu 20-May-21 08:56:55

I would have left my hair grey after lockdown, but DH still likes the auburn hair he has always known me with, so I colour it myself at home ever few weeks. Anyway even grey hair needs maintenance, people I know who have gone grey still visit the hairdresser for highlights and rinses. Besides long grey hair made me look like an old hippy!

nanna8 Thu 20-May-21 09:02:29

Mine is naturally a dark mousey colour with a couple of white bits at the front so I dye it a mid blonde colour . Sometimes I have it done professionally, sometimes I do it myself. It is curly so I can get away with the roots untouched for quite a while.

mumofmadboys Thu 20-May-21 10:27:51

I am grey at 63 and have been for a while. I have never dyed it and almost feel an aversion to hair dye, for me anyway! I hate it when roots show. I think it is that which puts me off dyeing hair.