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What age did you retire?

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CoffeeFirst Tue 01-Jun-21 22:15:30

I’m a few years away yet, but did you have to or want to?

Or did you wish you’d finished earlier or later?

BlueBelle Tue 01-Jun-21 22:30:59

No I hated it and hung on as long as I was able till I was 69 done voluntary work ever since

Ellan Tue 01-Jun-21 22:36:46

I had to retire, due to Government cuts to the Police Service, I was made redundant at fifty five

Urmstongran Tue 01-Jun-21 22:40:41

At 60y. I loved my job at the hospital too where I’d worked for more than 30y. I was a good 6y off getting my state pension so we did our sums carefully to budget accordingly. No regrets whatsoever.

MiniMoon Tue 01-Jun-21 22:42:29

I was working in a nursing home for the elderly mentally infirm. I could have retired at 60 but hung on until I was 62. I wanted to continue, but the work was just too physically demanding.
I love retirement.

aggie Tue 01-Jun-21 22:54:20

I couldn’t hack it any more and left a month before my 60th , it was too physically difficult 😣

tanith Tue 01-Jun-21 22:56:02

I had to take ill-health retirement from NHS at 58, I was devastated as I loved my job. It actually turned out ok.

mokryna Tue 01-Jun-21 23:04:13

Had to because of covid at 70 but I hope return part time next September. I loved my job.

Shinamae Tue 01-Jun-21 23:07:32

Still working at 68, 24 hours a week in a care home and I really enjoy it

Marydoll Tue 01-Jun-21 23:10:11

I had to retire from teaching seven years ago at 59, as I was deemed incapable of doing my job, due to RA.
Initially I was devastated, because I loved my job and found the fact that I was so infirm, difficult to accept. It was also a huge blow financially, due to the loss of my very generous salary and being a WASPI into the bargain.
It took a couple of years to accept things, now I greatly enjoy retirement.

Charleygirl5 Tue 01-Jun-21 23:17:03

I could have retired at 55 but it would have been difficult financially. I hung on for my full 40 years and retired at 60 because I could not hack it another day. I received my state pension 6 months later.
I did casual work similar to what I had been doing so it was well paid. I did that for a few years until I had saved some money but broke my ankle very badly so that was the end of that.

misty34 Tue 01-Jun-21 23:36:29

I retired nearly 6 years ago at 55 and don't regret it for a second. I had worked full time for 39 years [had 4 months Maternity leave] my only break. I was tired of it. I still wake up early every morning but have a huge smile that I don't have to leap up, get ready and be out the door by 7 every morning.
I don't have the money to do all the things that some might want to do but its enough for me. I still have to wait 4.5 years until my state pension comes along but not a single regret. I am so happy. Each to their own.

muse Wed 02-Jun-21 00:04:04

I retired 4 months before 60th birthday.
I had intended to work till 65 but became disillusioned with management. I was deputy head in a large school. Loved teaching but on advice from NAHT rep I retired as I was 60 before the pension changes 4 months later.

I did a small amount of supply and ended up earning as much as I did when in full time work. Plus I had my lump sum.

Chewbacca Wed 02-Jun-21 00:06:30


Elrel Wed 02-Jun-21 00:12:16

74, I was sad to give up teaching and was a reading support volunteer with Coram Beanstalk until the first lockdown. I was delighted recently to help judge a schools’ poetry competition on Zoom.

Grany Wed 02-Jun-21 00:19:33


heath480 Wed 02-Jun-21 01:23:13

54.I was widowed at 49 and financially I was well provided for.I am 73 now and I love not working.

Nansnet Wed 02-Jun-21 05:23:51

52. It hadn't been my intention to retire then, but I had to take several months off to take care of my mum when she was terminally ill. They kept my job open for me, but after the stress with mum I really felt like I needed some 'me time', and the longer I spent not working, the more I realised I didn't want to go back to work! Best thing I ever did! I love being at home, doing what I want to do, when I want to do it. We're just counting down the time until DH retires now, so that we can enjoy it together!

Kim19 Wed 02-Jun-21 05:58:58

74. Worked in the financial sector. Going along nicely until a change of personnel didn't suit me. Never fancied retirement but I was so wrong. Love it. Very unexpected addition of two GC iced my cake. Life could not better be. Well......almost!

Lucca Wed 02-Jun-21 06:50:41

66. I had gradually reduced my hours down to three days a week teaching. I went back though for six months a year later as they were stuck for someone to cover a maternity leave.
Up to the pandemic I also taught adult Ed a couple of hours a week which was great fun.
I like being retired but still miss my students

BigBertha1 Wed 02-Jun-21 06:52:30

55 from a full time senior nursing role because I was completely knackered. Voluntary work since then.

Snowbell Wed 02-Jun-21 07:03:28

Wanted to retire at 60 to care for elderly parents, and help with childcare for new grandchild but, because of change to SPA, couldn't afford to. Eventually managed it at 63 but by then Mum had died, Dad was in a care home and grandchild at school. Still didn't get pension for another 18 months so had to live on lump sum from work pension. Don't miss work at all. Still keep in touch with workmates and have a busy social life.

Justwidowed Wed 02-Jun-21 07:06:00

I retired at 52,my husband had taken voluntary redundancy at 55.We bought a touring caravan and travelled the uk . We then went wider afield with American coach tours plus many many times to Las Vegas ! We then started cruising and only finished the year before my husband died.23 years of happy retirement and so many wonderful memories .We were very lucky.

Ashcombe Wed 02-Jun-21 07:07:01

I was 58 and had already chosen to job share in my Y6 teaching post. Like muse, disillusionment with senior management drove me to retire early, about which I have no regrets as it’s been a surprising and busy 13 years, with a move to Torbay, divorce, remarriage to olddudders (resident in France), lovely holidays, including visiting family, and participation in amdram plus church life.

Calendargirl Wed 02-Jun-21 07:11:50

60 from my full time bank job, got my bank pension, but nearly 3 years before state pension.

If I had enjoyed my work as much as I did 30 years previously, would have kept working, but sadly I was so ready to pack up. Every day seemed to bring fresh changes and problems (sorry) ‘challenges’.