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You know those small spots........

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kittylester Sun 11-Jul-21 07:23:29

that are on clothes, ties etc? Are they called polka dots or poker dots?

monk08 Sun 11-Jul-21 07:26:02

I've always called them polka dots.

cb1963 Sun 11-Jul-21 07:28:26

Polka dots. The polka comes from the Czech word pulka apparently.

Ashcombe Sun 11-Jul-21 07:33:15

"She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow, polka dot bikini..."

kittylester Sun 11-Jul-21 07:41:32

That's what I say!! But I keep hearing 'poker'. Apparently, Gareth Southgate wears a poker dot tie according to the sports guy on the telly. I miss such a lot shouting at the tv!! grin

M0nica Sun 11-Jul-21 07:42:51

polka dots, never seen poker dots.

Like the dance you hop from spot to spot (just made that up)

cb1963 Sun 11-Jul-21 07:45:44

The sports guy needs to join GN😊

M0nica Sun 11-Jul-21 07:54:59

Perhaps he just has lots of little holes burnt into his tie. grin

kittylester Sun 11-Jul-21 07:56:32


polka dots, never seen poker dots.

Like the dance you hop from spot to spot (just made that up)

That is a brilliant explanation MOnica and just proves I'm right!!

BigBertha1 Sun 11-Jul-21 07:59:18

I love Polka Dot pattern on dresses and blouses..timeless.

Shelflife Sun 11-Jul-21 08:56:57

Definitely polka!

sodapop Sun 11-Jul-21 08:59:18

Polka - no doubt about it

timetogo2016 Sun 11-Jul-21 09:05:16

Polka it is.

Kim19 Sun 11-Jul-21 09:05:46

Polka for me.

Redhead56 Sun 11-Jul-21 09:40:02

I say polka dots having four different coloured dresses with them on.

BlueBelle Sun 11-Jul-21 09:45:36

Definitely Polka dots

merlotgran Sun 11-Jul-21 09:50:52

Gah!….Now I have, ‘See me dance the polka’ as an earworm.

I won’t be attempting it. 🥳

Blossoming Sun 11-Jul-21 09:51:36

Polka dots, I love them 🙂

Caleo Sun 11-Jul-21 10:02:59

Polka. Dance is couples going round in small circles.

Doodledog Sun 11-Jul-21 10:11:57

Is 'poker dots' the result of a glottal stop?

Po'ka? You can't really say that with an 'o' instead of an 'oh'.

I'm thinking of the way they pronounce Phil as Pheeoo' in Eastenders grin.

Bodach Sun 11-Jul-21 10:26:42

Presumably it comes from initially mis-hearing 'polka' for 'poker' - and is then perpetuated by not reading (and noting) passages where the term 'polka-dot' occurs. The same presumably applies to the shockingly large number of times one comes across (for example) 'should of' and 'must of', rather than 'should/must have'. The final nail in the coffin of correct usage is a general reluctance to point out these errors when they occur.

LauraNorder Sun 11-Jul-21 10:31:00


polka dots, never seen poker dots.

Like the dance you hop from spot to spot (just made that up)

Or could be poker if it’s a very hot floor

M0nica Sun 11-Jul-21 11:21:33


FannyCornforth Sun 11-Jul-21 11:32:16

I must admit that I do pronounce them as poker dots; even whilst knowing full well the word is polka.
It’s just sloppy speech, I’m afraid sad