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100th birthday gift, any ideas?

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Foxglove77 Thu 15-Jul-21 12:24:06

We have been invited to a party for our neighbour who is going to be 100 in September. I would like to buy a nice thoughtful gift but not sure what. Web searches suggest a newspaper from the year they were born, or something practical like comfy slippers. Any ideas? TIA

Petera Thu 15-Jul-21 12:29:32

Depends a bit on the neighbour. I know that I'd be delighted at 100 if someone planted trees for me - it'd make me feel like I'd be around forever (as unappealing as that might seems to those closest to me...)

Redhead56 Thu 15-Jul-21 12:38:39

You can get lovely meal boxes now Steins at home is one I am getting for a special occasion this year. Everything is prepared it’s just easy cooking for a special restaurant style meal. You could find out the neighbours favourite food and work around that it depends on your budget of course. I am an obsessive foodie it’s the kind of gift I have given to my DS and DD for gifts.
You can also get beautiful little food hampers usually in garden centres with little pates and jams etc. Hope you find some thing nice and enjoy the party.

Spice101 Thu 15-Jul-21 12:58:35

Could you take the neighbour for an afternoon tea?

Gwyneth Thu 15-Jul-21 13:10:00

Some lovely ideas already. Just one other suggestion. Perhaps there is a favourite charity that they might like you to donate to on their behalf.

ExDancer Thu 15-Jul-21 13:49:53

My mum was furious when people bought her gifts especially as we'd specifically asked for NO gifts for her 100th. She said what she thought as she got older and didn't care who she upset or insulted. Do please ask the person organising the party what she'd like before you go out and buy.
There's very little you want at that age and I know Mum would have said something pretty scathing, if given something like a tree, that she wouldn't live to see mature. But that was how SHE was, your friend will hopefully be less pedantic.

Infinity2 Thu 15-Jul-21 14:49:30

Maybe one of those sites you can go on that name a star after a person ?
I like the tree idea too. I donated for trees in memory of my parents and me ( not dead yet ) through the Woodland Trust.

Aldom Thu 15-Jul-21 15:08:15

I too think donating to The Woodland Trust is a good idea. I have done that in memory of my son on his birthday / Christmas. I was delighted when someone gifted the same to me for a birthday. I'll never actually see the trees, but knowing they are there and helping the planet gives me pleasure. There are, of course other charities to choose from.

Kim19 Thu 15-Jul-21 15:29:35

Totally depends on the mobility and interests of the person in question. You do not indicate gender but I usually find a female easier to cater for. If you have known your neighbour for a while then perhaps you are aware of hobbies, likes and dislikes? If the circumstances permit, I would always go for an outing. That gives the recipient something to look forward to rather than having to deal with more 'stuff' which tends to be irrelevant to most people in later years.

annodomini Thu 15-Jul-21 15:42:12

Not quite the same, but when friends celebrated their golden wedding, specifying 'no gifts', I asked what was their favourite charity and I donated accordingly. If I reach 100, (only 19 years to go), I'll be asking for charitable donations.

JackyB Thu 15-Jul-21 18:37:37

For my aunt's 100th last January I arranged for flowers to be delivered two weeks after the date, as I anticipated she would get loads on the actual date. We had a long zoom call on the day itself.

If I had been invited (different country, covid restrictions) I would have taken flowers directly.

You could also take a nice notebook or empty photo album for guests to write their good wishes in. Take photos of the guests, print them out soon afterwards, stick them in next to the wishes and give it to him the day after.

His family may have planned something like this, though, so check with them first.

MollyG Fri 16-Jul-21 10:48:27

Do they like their garden. Maybe a rose or a fruit tree? If they prefer indoor living how about a flower subscription or a nice (low maintenance) house plant

Aepgirl Fri 16-Jul-21 10:50:18

I can’t think of anything that would be ‘needed’ for a 100-year-old, but some restaurants will deliver an afternoon tea for special occasions.

cc Fri 16-Jul-21 10:50:24

Lovely soft cotton towelling bathrobe? I bought some recently for my grandchildren. But I agree that you should check with relatives, some people dont want "stuff". Or a nice plant/bulbs that she can see from her window?

Foxglove77 Fri 16-Jul-21 10:51:58

Thank you all for the great suggestions. My neighbour is a lady. I will have a chat with her daughter in law for guidance. I love the idea of a nice hamper. There is also a local company that delivers an afternoon tea, so maybe that would be an idea after the party, as her mobility is limited.

Withnail Fri 16-Jul-21 10:54:55

Write her a poem

Noname Fri 16-Jul-21 10:58:21

One Christmas my daughter gave me a voucher for a charity’Lend with Care’ so I was able to use it to help out someone in a poorer country to establish or improve their small business. As they paid me back over time I’ve been able to reinvest in others to help them to a better life. Maybe an alternative idea for a gift?

Gwenisgreat1 Fri 16-Jul-21 11:00:42

There are lovely suggestions here, my suggestion depending on the person, colourful flowers or perfumed flowers?

jenpax Fri 16-Jul-21 11:02:26

If it was family I would suggest a sort of this is your life scrap book but failing that I would also go for the tree planting or name a star. I too have planted trees in memory of my grandmother and both parents with The Woodland Trust

hilz Fri 16-Jul-21 11:05:31

I suppose it depends on how independent she is..How about a pamper..a hand massage, a foot spa, or a hairdo.

NemosMum Fri 16-Jul-21 11:08:26

Most people of advanced age don't want material goods - they are trying to give them away! Many people favour 'experiences': the poem idea above is a lovely one. My husband really appreciated someone doing a clog dance for his 60th birthday, and at mine, someone sang a song. I think it's significant that they are the only gifts I can remember from those occasions.

Daisend1 Fri 16-Jul-21 11:21:16

If you can get in touch with your neighbours relatives or a personal friend of your neighbour then they y are the ones to give you the best info.

nipsmum Fri 16-Jul-21 11:27:44

When my Mum was 100 y o. I made a scrapbook for her using pictures of all her family over every decade. She received several lovely gifts too but my Sister asked that donations be made to the local charities that had been used by both my Mum and my very caring sister over the years, there was also a donation made to the Nursing Home that looked after Mum for her final 4 years. Most 100 year old ladies don't need and don't want stuff.

ARCC Fri 16-Jul-21 11:29:58

If you have the time a scrap book with key events the year she was born and perhaps every five years after Not just news. Music that was popular, people, remarkable pictures. Anything she might find interesting, there is so much information on the internet and old photos

mgmusic Fri 16-Jul-21 11:33:01

Hi We run a company that creates personalised songs or musicals for Birthdays (also Weddings, Anniversaries) Would be amazing to put something together for someone's 100th!