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Oxygen therapy on release from hospital

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dani4 Wed 11-Aug-21 15:19:51

Hi, just home from hospital 4 days, on oxygen for respiratory problem and have some questions, thanks for any help.

Squiffy Wed 11-Aug-21 18:48:53

Bumping this in case someone can help you, but they missed seeing your thread, dani4.

ElaineI Wed 11-Aug-21 18:54:37

What are the questions? Sorry you have been ill and not yet well flowers

Blossoming Wed 11-Aug-21 19:07:41

Sorry I don’t know anything about this. Maybe you should speak to a doctor.

dani4 Wed 11-Aug-21 19:14:08

I would just like to know how others coped with being on the oxygen, for instance taking a short break to wash hair, make a cup of tea etc. In other words if it is vital to remain on it even when my oxygen readings are within normal levels. I will be reviewed by respiratory team but not for a week or two.

welbeck Wed 11-Aug-21 19:16:28

i think you really need to ask a medic or nurse about this.
did you not get any instructions or guidance when discharged from the hosp ?

luvlyjubly Thu 12-Aug-21 09:56:31

In my job I supported a man with COPD who was on oxygen therapy. He only needed it when mobilising. I used to wash his hair for him and he used to take it off for that time.
Everyone is different, of course, but I guess you could try it and put the oxygen back on if you are struggling to breathe. It’s a shame they didn’t give you better instructions when they discharged you.
Good luck.

timetogo2016 Thu 12-Aug-21 10:05:45

My mother was on oxygen and used it as and when necessary.
That was over 20 years ago though,things have possably changed on the medical front by now.