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Do modern kids get too much stimulation?

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kircubbin2000 Thu 19-Aug-21 16:13:12

I have the family staying for a couple of weeks. Toddlers are 4 and 6 and whilst I was initially worried how to entertain them they have been out every day.Dad has bee very good as mum is working from home and they have had 2 major activities every day. Today they have been to a museum and are now at trampoline centre.They have visited cousins and been out for meals.
I'm exhausted and I haven't even been out with them all the time. They were just starting their sticker books after lunch when mum rushed them away and I'm sure they must be tired too. There seems no time to do nothing any more.

JaneJudge Thu 19-Aug-21 16:15:44

Are they treating it like a holiday though?
Maybe the Mum doesn't want to get on your nerves, hence getting them out from under your feet?

Hithere Thu 19-Aug-21 16:21:36

4 and 6 are kids, not toddlers.

That plan you mentioned sounds great! Kids need to burn the energy, they have way more than we do.

kircubbin2000 Thu 19-Aug-21 16:27:10

Yes it is their holiday and they must be spending a fortune. She can work in peace when they are out.

AGAA4 Thu 19-Aug-21 16:29:46

Children of that age get bored easily so I can understand them keeping their children occupied while they are staying with you.
They will be back at school soon and will have to be in a routine that won't involve going out for entertainment every day.
They need to have fun on their holidays.

SueDonim Thu 19-Aug-21 16:32:27

I think today’s children do many more activities* such as that because they don’t play at home in the way mine did, out in the garden for hours on end etc. Nowadays, they’re used to going off to nursery and doing lots of exciting things there and because some parents are WFH, it’s hard to keep them entertained and quiet at home.

*Plus, these things didn’t exist when mine were small. I’m sure I’d have appreciated a trampoline centre for them on a wet day!

Galaxy Thu 19-Aug-21 16:32:29

If she is working they absolutely need to be out of the housegrin

MoorlandMooner Thu 19-Aug-21 16:35:29

There was a thread on here recently about how much many of us enjoy being our own person now we're older and being able to become a bit 'reclusive' i.e. not socialise, have an empty diary, spend time alone just pottering and being.

It seemed lots of people enjoy this very much and wondered if the 'never being unoccupied/never being alone' nature of society these days might be the reason for so much anxiety and mental ill health.

Lucca Thu 19-Aug-21 16:36:08

I had my GC for a week (same ages…definitely not toddlers!!). We did lots of activities and outings. Happy kids, slept well. Making memories.

JaneJudge Thu 19-Aug-21 16:37:37

They are most probably spending the money they saved in accommodation costs on 'going out' smile

MissAdventure Thu 19-Aug-21 16:38:34

Not here, they don't.
A bike, some mates, that's it.
He is able to entertain himself and always has been.

SueDonim Thu 19-Aug-21 16:43:32

My youngest never really learnt to occupy herself until she was well into primary school. Being my fourth, I was sick of the sight of jigsaws, games and kids books by then! grin