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NanKate Tue 21-Sep-21 07:32:09

I’ve only tried decaf coffee and hated the after taste, but now want to try decaf tea for when I get up in the night, unable to sleep.

Any recommendations please ?

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 21-Sep-21 07:36:36

I use PG Tips decaf tea.
Have you tried Gold Blend de caf coffee? I tried it to try to help get my BP down ( didn’t work) but when I went back onto the ordinary Gold Blend I found that it had an after taste, so I have stayed on the de caf.

teabagwoman Tue 21-Sep-21 07:47:11

I’ve found Yorkshire Tea decaf to be the best one so far.

YorkLady Tue 21-Sep-21 07:49:49

Another vote for Yorkshire Tea (obviously 😊) but I drink it without milk.

Ashcombe Tue 21-Sep-21 07:52:16

Lidl's own brand works for us; it’s called Knightsbridge and is in a blue box, whereas their normal tea bags of that make are in a red box.

Aldom Tue 21-Sep-21 07:55:16

I drink Rooi Bos/Red Bush tea which is naturally decaffeinated.

Greyduster Tue 21-Sep-21 08:37:31

Like Aldom I drink rooibos tea (not Tetleys though, it’s horrible). I can’t drink decaffeinated coffee; it gives me headaches, but the tea doesn’t.

Nannylala Tue 21-Sep-21 08:38:55

Current favourite for decaf tea is Yorkshire decaf and for coffee always use Tesco's own label decaf Gold, very smooth taste.

Greenfinch Tue 21-Sep-21 10:55:52

Another vote here for the Yorkshire brand. Good with or without milk.

Squiffy Tue 21-Sep-21 11:02:14

PG Tips decaffeinated fan here!

We use Gold Blend decaf coffee - it's decaf'd without the use of chemicals. Have also tried and enjoyed Alzera decaf coffee, but only when it's on special offer, as it's not cheap!

Hetty58 Tue 21-Sep-21 11:05:19

I've never found caffeine to be a problem. I know it may keep some people awake - but not in my family.

jaylucy Tue 21-Sep-21 11:11:05

I found that some brands seem a bit weak to my taste, so just used 2 tea bags for those
De caff doesn't seem as strong as normal tea but I also found that it has a good side effect of helping with my acid reflux as well as helping me to sleep.
I have tried the herbal teas - I had to make sure I drank them early in the evening or I seemed to feel groggy in the morning.

Witzend Tue 21-Sep-21 11:12:59

PG decaf here.

Greenfinch Tue 21-Sep-21 11:14:34

I have decaf because my GP advised it for lowering BP and also stabilising heart rhythm in AF. Couldn't say if it works or not but worth a try.

hulahoop Tue 21-Sep-21 11:22:19

I use Aldi d's de-caff tea and coffee I find some other supermarket ones too strong .

lemongrove Tue 21-Sep-21 11:26:00

PG Tips decaf fan here 😃

lemongrove Tue 21-Sep-21 11:27:18

Buy a couple of brands NanKate and see which you prefer?

Callistemon Tue 21-Sep-21 11:54:17


I’ve only tried decaf coffee and hated the after taste, but now want to try decaf tea for when I get up in the night, unable to sleep.

Any recommendations please ?

Have you tried Dowe Egberts decaf coffee? It's the only one I like.

PG Tips or Yorkshire decaf tea - doesn't taste any different from caffeinated as far as I can tell.

PaperMonster Wed 22-Sep-21 14:00:52

We get Morrison’s decaf tea - we like it.

Esspee Wed 22-Sep-21 14:08:24

Another vote for Lidl's own brand Knightsbridge. My neighbour insists I make the best cup of tea ever. I haven't told her it's decaf.grin

nadateturbe Wed 22-Sep-21 14:08:52

Redbush (Rooibos) for me too. I drink it with milk. Apparently it's used by some mothers for colic in babies. But its believed to have other health benefits too.
It's the only tea we drink.

Deedaa Thu 23-Sep-21 21:27:08

I find Decaf Yorkshire Tea indistinguishable from their normal tea.

Gelisajams Thu 23-Sep-21 21:36:05

We like the coops own decaf tea

NanKate Thu 23-Sep-21 22:13:35

Thanks folks. I have bought the Yorkshire Tea to sample.

Good idea Lemongrove to get another make in to do a comparison.

muse Thu 23-Sep-21 23:07:11

I drink Earl Grey and started drinking rooibos Earl Grey about 6 months ago. Love it. No milk or sugar.