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New winter coat

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Madwoman11 Sun 26-Sep-21 17:35:51

I'd like some advice please before I waste money again on a winter coat that rubs up/bobbles within a short time.
I know acrylic is known for bobbling, but what about wool mix coats - I'm sure it depends on what the wool is mixed with.
Help 🤔

FannyCornforth Sun 26-Sep-21 17:46:29

Hello Madwoman I like corduroy. (The jumbo type for coats) It washes well and looks smart.
I think that it might be ‘in’ this season.

FannyCornforth Sun 26-Sep-21 17:47:32

Mind you, it might not be as warm as you would like. I’m never really cold enough to wear a coat!

Madwoman11 Sun 26-Sep-21 19:37:48

Thanks FannyCornforth. I'm always cold.

FannyCornforth Sun 26-Sep-21 19:38:57

I’m always hot!
I hope that you get some more helpful replies than mine!

NanKate Sun 26-Sep-21 20:27:10

I bought a Landmark coat in the sale 3 years ago. It is lovely and long with a hood and never fails to keep me warm. I wouldn’t call it a fashion item but I love it. I think it may have duck down in it. I wipe the coat down when it looks a bit mucky with an anti bacterial wipe.

NanKate Sun 26-Sep-21 20:30:52

PS Have a look at the Matalan coats because they are a much more reasonable price than Landmark that I recommended.

M0nica Sun 26-Sep-21 20:31:35

I bought a beautiful Jacques Vert coat on ebay about 5 years ago. It is warm, smart and five years on isn'y bubbling.

Jacques Vert, is a brand that went under about 3 years ago, but a second hand one could be very good value. It was still in business when I bought mine and I paid less than 25% of the full price and the coat was 'as new'

Nonogran Sun 26-Sep-21 20:48:23

I’ve a long cashmere & wool mix coat. Almost vintage now but still in fabulous condition. Certainly no bobbling and a sports a beautiful “silk” lining. I always feel smart wearing it.
Buy the best you can afford from a reputable manufacturer. It’s an investment worth having and in a classic style will carry on for a long time. Change the look with different scarves and good leather gloves.

grannysyb Sun 26-Sep-21 21:06:08

Wait for the sales?

BigBertha1 Sun 26-Sep-21 22:08:03

The best time to buy a winter coat is in the summer sales. That said look for discount codes. My Hobbs wool and cashmere coat bought in a summer sale for years ago is in near perfect condition and I wear it often having it cleaned each summer.

Hetty58 Sun 26-Sep-21 22:50:56

I've got a little JML bobble remover that actually makes things look like new again.

NotTooOld Sun 26-Sep-21 23:10:20

I never wear actual 'coats' as I don't much feel the cold any more, I don't know why - is it my age? I used to be a cold person. Anyway, I like the very lightly padded ones made of down. They are thin and light and surprisingly warm. Uniqlo do good ones. They sometimes give you a small bag that the coat or jacket will fit into.
Hetty - I have one of those bobble removers too. They are very good.

Spinnaker Sun 26-Sep-21 23:22:16

I treated myself yesterday to this ready for the winter- it's gorgeous !

Ro60 Mon 27-Sep-21 00:24:42

Ooh yes it's gorgeous!
Whoops - 🙈 I pages down - bag & shoes ❤❤ ❤

Ok back to the original query ; I've just checked a coat I've worn & worn - 73% wool, 20% nylon, 7% cashmere. The brand is Klass.
John.Lewis is a good hunting ground.

Sloegin Mon 27-Sep-21 01:29:21

Donegal tweed- a genuine Donegal tweed made by Magee or similar. They last forever and even resist rain. They are very expensive but worth it. It's worth looking on ebay. I only remember my mother buying two new winter coats when I was growing up, both of them Donegal tweed. We lived not too far from Donegal so going to Magees was not difficult. I love coats and have bought two Aquascutum wool coats on ebay, both fabulous. I was lucky to find a Donegal tweed coat in our local charity shop which fitted my daughter and I think she's now wearing it for the sixth winter. Goodness knows how long it was worn before that. She even wears it cycling to work, in all weathers, and it still looks good.

Whatdayisit Mon 27-Sep-21 06:46:24

I bought a lovely puffs type Heine winter coat off a site called Kaleidoscope which I find has a wide range of clothes.
I had a super Winter coat from a shop called Ness bought in 2012 and only just looking worn but no bobbling its it's the fancy button holes that have let the coat down.I think the more wool and less nylon the better.

grandMattie Mon 27-Sep-21 07:09:26

I got a lovely puffer type coat from cotton traders some years back. It’s bright red, warm as toast and cost me £15 as it was on sale. I think they still have that model, though more expensive. I love it!

KatieB291 Mon 27-Sep-21 07:19:47

Good morning! I’m new here and this is my first post.
I’m looking for some advice re waterproof (really waterproof not just showerproof lol!) coats. My daughter is expecting baby number 2 after a six year gap and I’m excited and looking forward to miles of pram-pushing and hopefully losing some of my excess lockdown pounds!
Can anyone recommend a longish comfy raincoat please? I’m in Glasgow and it’s currently pouring and looks like it could be a long wet winter. TIA

Jaxjacky Mon 27-Sep-21 08:09:56

KatieB291 have a look at Cotton Traders, they have some with good reviews.

dragonfly46 Mon 27-Sep-21 08:14:25

I have a Rohan long quilted coat which is very light and very warm.

kittylester Mon 27-Sep-21 08:16:37

Seasalt have some good waterproof coats. Mine withstands standing watching DGS playing football in the pouring rain.

Apart from my good funeral coat, I have a variety of coats for different occasions, none of which were a huge investment as fashions change.

FannyCornforth Mon 27-Sep-21 08:27:40

That’s a good call Kitty
I have a sea salt coat, and I love it.

FannyCornforth Mon 27-Sep-21 08:28:25

Welcome Katie! smile

Aldom Mon 27-Sep-21 08:32:14

My navy blue cashmere coat was purchased in 1976. Still looking good. I recently bought a down puffa full length coat in black, from Uniqlo. Looks very smart and can be brightened up with various scarves. I also have a short puffa jacket in silver grey, also Uniqlo. So useful as it folds up into its little bag. Welcome KatieB291.