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Alternatives to Lush please?

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OnwardandUpward Tue 16-Nov-21 08:45:42

Admittedly, I am (was) a Lush fan but will now be boycotting them. I will massively miss The Comforter bubble bar and the Lush Creamy Candy bubble bar. Does anyone know any good alternatives to these? (I do like the "high note scents")

I can't continue to spend money where there is a political agenda that's so harmful. “Lush are like the [corporate] stranger who wants to give kids sweets. Except now it’s binders and they’re collecting their contact details, so they know where to find them again.”

Septimia Tue 16-Nov-21 08:59:58

There are a number of artisan-type soap (and other products) makers. Perhaps a bit of online research and trial and error will find you an acceptable alternative, and do them a favour with your custom. Good luck.

25Avalon Tue 16-Nov-21 09:06:11

I use Goats of the Gorge from Somerset. Their products are cruelty free and use goats milk. I have used their geranium soap during lockdown and my hands are so soft despite washing them umpteen times. There are many small quality British producers out there. No doubt other GNetters will come up with more.

Lucca Tue 16-Nov-21 09:13:19

As others have said, plenty of alternatives. To be honest I have never set foot in Lush …the smell is overpowering !

Chewbacca Tue 16-Nov-21 09:29:00

If you can find a farmer's market nearby OnwardandUpward they usually have stalls selling locally made, organic soaps and hand creams. If you want something a bit more scented, have a look on line for artisan soap makers; it's a burgeoning market, especially at this time of year. Oh, and it's a thumbs up from me for giving Lush a swerve! I completely agree with your stance.

Sago Tue 16-Nov-21 09:36:13

I use this company, the soaps are beautiful and it’s for a very good cause.
I buy lots of their spice sets, candles and soaps for gifts.

OnwardandUpward Tue 16-Nov-21 10:01:27

Thanks so much for all the links! Time to try something different I think and to support some small businesses that are doing good.

I have liked the overpowering smell, but I always thought it was natural until now when I have had a closer look at Lush overall due to this Binder scandal. I have realised they are using synthetic perfumes, where they always used to list all their (natural) ingredients and now only some are natural. What a big rip off and so political too.

It won't be hard to find somewhere to spend my money where I feel good about it.

annodomini Tue 16-Nov-21 10:32:33

I'm trying KinKind products - soaps, shampoo bars and conditioners. Their selling point is that they are eco-friendly - packaging is non-plastic and their carbon footprint is low. They are also vegan.

Pepper59 Tue 16-Nov-21 10:43:48

The Little Soap Company has a bar on sale where some of the profits from it are going to help save orang- utans. Unfortunately, I cannot remember which fragrance it was but it will say on their site. Ethical Superstore has a few toiletries. Another site is the Highland Soap Company, but I do not know what their products are like.

Squiffy Tue 16-Nov-21 11:35:18

Another vote for The Little Soap Company. Their EcoWarrior shampoo bar is wonderful and not a bit like other bars which I've tried previously! Plus, it lasts for ages.Free delivery if you spend over £10.00.

Calistemon Tue 16-Nov-21 11:45:19

The Somerset Toiletry Company
Scottish Fine Soaps
The England Soap Company

TK Maxx usually has a good selection of fine soaps and toiletries at discount prices.

I've never been into a Lush store, the overpowering smell is enough to put me off.

Blossoming Tue 16-Nov-21 12:17:07

I get hay fever symptoms just walking past the Lush store here! I know a lot of people love it but I find it overpowering.

Mapleleaf Tue 16-Nov-21 12:28:46

I, too, find the smell overpowering when walking past the store, never mind going into it. The smell alone has put me off from ever going inside one of their shops to purchase anything, so they’ll not make any profit from me.
I often wonder how the staff cope with working there hour after hour. Perhaps they eventually become immune to the smell?
It seems as if they are no longer the ethical company they once claimed to be?

kircubbin2000 Tue 16-Nov-21 12:52:05

Neom has lovely scents.

Boz Tue 16-Nov-21 13:36:06

Body shop

MerylStreep Tue 16-Nov-21 13:47:16


Body shop

They aren’t as green as you might think.

Millie22 Tue 16-Nov-21 15:26:42

In Nottingham the smell from the Lush shop travels to all the surrounding streets. It's way tooo strong.

Dee1012 Tue 16-Nov-21 15:30:22

I've bought quite a few items from The Somerset Toiletry Company and have been delighted with them.

Peasblossom Tue 16-Nov-21 16:50:37

If you’re in Nottingham Millie try Black Acres Soap Pantry stuff. It’s in the Handmade Nottingham shop in Kings Walk
Smells gorgeous and natural products made in Nottingham!

OnwardandUpward Tue 16-Nov-21 18:52:27

All great ideas, thanks!

I'm not keen on the body shop, just not sure why. You would think Body shop would be green... Just like you would think Lush would be all natural and it isn't. Good to look at these brands anew and find new ones.

Peasblossom Tue 16-Nov-21 18:57:29

Yes, I said on a thread a few days ago, it’s very clever marketing.

Just a few items in Lush are organic/ethical. But they promote those and then it gives the impression that all Lush products are the same.

Lincslass Tue 16-Nov-21 19:14:32

Must say I love the products from the Highland Soap Company. Organic and environmentally friendly, reasonable prices too.

Katek Tue 16-Nov-21 19:21:42

Highland Soap Co. is worth looking at.

Katek Tue 16-Nov-21 19:26:23

Oops - didn’t read last post! Can I just compliment you on your good taste lincslass!!

OnwardandUpward Tue 16-Nov-21 20:17:59

Ooh yes Lincslass and Katek yes I have bought soap from there before! My favourite is La Paloma! grin Thanks for the reminder, it's been a while!