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Can anyone recommend a small petrol 4x4

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Shandy57 Sun 12-Dec-21 16:06:49

Hello, I've currently got an old diesel Nissan X trail, and it's on its last legs. I thought the brakes had gone today, bit stuck after the freezing evening we had last night I think as were OK after driving for a while. I also have a clonking noise occasionally and something detaches itself and vibrates at speed then seems to reattach itself. It's starting to cost a lot to repair and I'd much rather run a petrol car anyway.

I live in rural Northumberland and like the extra height of the X trail, as well as the camera for parking.

Any recommendations please?

Blossoming Sun 12-Dec-21 16:40:11

Are you looking for new or used?

HolySox Sun 12-Dec-21 16:56:28

Have you looked for reviews such as:

We have a VW cars for the last 12 years and been very happy with them, so personally would look at the Skoda or the Seat as they share same parts. In fact the VW TROC would be of interest.

However, you say you are in a rural location so may need a 'proper' 4x4, rather than a lifestyle '4x4'. As I said read reviews, particularly with regard to off road ability.

Shandy57 Sun 12-Dec-21 22:18:04

Thank you Blossoming, I'll be looking for used.

I'll have a look at that link Holysox, thank you. I'm often faced with a lot of surface water, sometimes quite deep and scary, and the roads here are very narrow and windy. I like to have the height to see over the hedges and the security of 4x4.

Sago Mon 13-Dec-21 09:20:15

The Toyota Rav is a great vehicle.

annodomini Mon 13-Dec-21 09:56:18

Fiat does a 4x4 version of the Panda which is likely to be the smallest of its kind.

FlexibleFriend Mon 13-Dec-21 10:52:26

When I was side swiped by a London Bus in my 3.5l 4x4 I was given a Vauxhall Mokka on loan and was astounded by just how nippy it was. It was a 1.4 turbo but after driving it for about 3 weeks I was really sad to see it go.

Blossoming Mon 13-Dec-21 11:07:18

I used to have a petrol Suzuki Jimny. It definitely lacked the refinements of the Nissan, but was a good little workhorse and coped with floods and ice quite happily.

muse Mon 13-Dec-21 11:25:25

Same as Blossoming. Started to use Jimnys 20 years ago when I worked in Derbyshire and driving across the moors in snowy conditions was no fun but there was many a time I got past Range Rovers stuck in the snow (up hills) many times.

Visibility front and back brilliant.

Had two now and very few repair bills. Current one is 11 years old. I live in Cornwall now so hardly see snow but the Jimny is so useful around the very narrow Cornish lanes. It copes with getting out of verges too.

I'm 6'1" and there's lots of headroom.

Shandy57 Mon 13-Dec-21 11:38:05

Thank you, I'll have a look at the Suzuki, there are a few people around here with them. I am 5' 2" tall so no headroom problems - my son is tall like you @muse and it's no joke!

My husband was offered a Range Rover as a company car, I didn't like the suspension at all, felt seasick in the passenger seat.

Not sure what my budget will be with this ridiculous battle with the insurance company over my roof, so will choose carefully.

Dempie55 Mon 13-Dec-21 12:00:28

Toyota Rav 4. Best car I ever had! Easy to drive and park, comfy, sturdy, reliable. Cheap to insure and repair.

Hithere Mon 13-Dec-21 12:20:33

Another vote for rav4

granma47 Mon 13-Dec-21 12:23:59

We bought a new Skoda Karoq in the summer to replace a 10yr old Octavia. They do a 4x4 version but I am happy with the 1.5 petrol. The only problem when we first got it was getting used to keyless and trusting the new braking system and kept looking for the handbrake! It may be worth a look as they have a very good review.

Katie59 Mon 13-Dec-21 12:24:44

Nissan X trail is a good car, a RAV 4 is probably the best of all but will cost quite a bit more. Suzuki also make good 4x4s

Bea65 Mon 13-Dec-21 12:34:19

My Jimny is now 16 yrs old had from new and yes maybe not a comfy ride but, with my OA I can slide myself in and out with the height of vehicle and not strain my back too much -pray it will last as long as I do!!

BBbevan Mon 13-Dec-21 13:34:00

We always have Jeeps. Not any old 4x4 but a proper Jeep. Never let us down and great in bad weather.

Milliedog Mon 13-Dec-21 14:35:59

It's interesting to read so many plaudits for the Jimny. I was told that the other name for them is 'The Tumbler' as they tilt over if going round corners! We've been looking for a decent small 4x4. I wanted another Honda CRV like one we owned in 2002 but I really dislike the new model so have decided on a Suzuki Vitara.

MadeInYorkshire Mon 13-Dec-21 14:47:00

I had quite a nice Vauxhall Mokka 4 x 4 - had all the extras in it and not quite as expensive as some, it was petrol and I enjoyed it, got something with a bigger boot now as got a large dog!

Thisismyname1953 Mon 13-Dec-21 15:05:11

I once had a Mitsubishi shogun , short wheelbase, which I loved . It’s a good height to get into and is a true off road vehicle so would be good in snow . I don’t suppose they make that model anymore but they will do something similar . Apparently some 4x4s are not true off road vehicles and I suppose that’s what you’d want in the Lake District .
I too love the Rav 4 , but it’s not exactly small smile

Shandy57 Mon 13-Dec-21 15:51:57

I had a Shogun before the X trail, I loved mine and hadn't appreciated how comfortable the seats were before changing. X trail seats are hard.

I also had a Landrover Defender, but too noisy and basic, I wouldn't want one again.

All the cars look the same to me nowadays, I was amazed the car in front of me was a Porsche.

4allweknow Mon 13-Dec-21 17:22:07

How about a Kia Sportage. I too live in a rural weather prone area snow,ice,plenty roadside flooding. Have had 2 Kia Sorentos in the last 12 years I find they are great tackling all terrains and very comfortable. Small engine vehicles may be good for city or town driving in winter weather ad roads are more often cleared but in rural areas you definitely need something with a bit of power to keep you safe. KIA does 7 year warranties transferable so you can pick up a 3, 4 year old one with a few years left. Good Luck.

SueDonim Mon 13-Dec-21 20:02:04

I didn’t have anything to add to this thread until I opened my local paper this evening and saw a complimentary review of a Suzuki Ignis. It’s a petrol hybrid and comes with a choice of 4wd and manual or auto.

Shandy57 Mon 13-Dec-21 20:18:09

Thanks for your suggestions, I will have a look. I had a bit of a shock tonight when I drove in the dark for the first time in months, I was really dazzled by oncoming lights and felt a bit nervous. No moon at all tonight.

Iam64 Mon 13-Dec-21 20:18:43

I have a 5 year old fiat 500 L. I bought diesel because I wanted the 1400 engine but the 1200 is petrol. It’s a good size but easy to drive and manoeuvre

dogsmother Mon 13-Dec-21 20:34:37

Rav 4 automatic.
Amazing car, I’ve never looked backed ( well only through my mirrors).