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Tired of being the 'every other weekend' girlfriend

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Peacelily321 Fri 14-Jan-22 13:08:41

I've been in a relationship with a man for two years. We used to be friends in our twenties and then met up again just before the first lockdown and had two dates before we couldn't see each other for a while. We have since been dating but it has to be every other weekend because he has teenage children in another county who he has on alternate weekends. He also has a job which starts at 5am every morning and is long distance driving, so even if we wanted to have week day dates in the evenings, he's too tired to come over because he's falling asleep by 8pm.
We do have a few things in common but there is also the issue of him living with his mum since his divorce. She is quite religious so she doesn't like the idea of me staying over unless we get married, which I respect.
I have my own house and mortgage etc and I work full time and I'm generally a person who likes to be planning towards me next dream or goal, whether it's saving for a nice trip away, or my next career move.
I'd like to think my partner was the same but the fact is, he isn't. In two years, I haven't seen him aspiring to find a place of his own. Even though he says he hates his current career and wants to move into something more 9-5 so he can see me, I haven't seen him looking at alternatives and how to move towards those.
Every other weekend, he arrives at mine with a bag of supermarket food and beer, and the routine is he helps cook dinner, then drinks 4 cans of beer, falls asleep, then wants to go for a bike ride with me on the weekend. We have tried to go on adventures and have had two nice trips to Scotland but now he wants to plan another cycling trip to Scotland and I think I've reached a crunch point.
I am bored and disheartened and just don't feel I have any bond with him.
He forgot to give me a Christmas card, even though he bought me a lovely, well thought out bracelet but I'm a person who values a card with words of affirmation more than any present.
Friends say I'm lucky and that I should keep trying to make it work but my heart is screaming no now. I'm getting to the stage where I'm dreading the weekend he's due to come over because I know exactly how it'll be and I don't want to cuddle up to someone I saw two weeks ago. There's just no want and I am feeling neglected.
I've tried having this conversation with him but he just doesn't seem to get the message and things don't really change.
Am I just being overly critical or do I have a point?
I was very hurt in a previous relationship which is why I may have jogged along with this one for two years but I have this feeling that the authentic 'me' is trying to emerge now and she is wanting very different things.

BlueBalou Sat 19-Feb-22 08:30:12

I think you sound bored and fed up and I’m not surprised!
It’s run its course hasn’t it?
That’s barely a relationship, it sounds more like a tedious friendship to me.

Luckygirl3 Fri 18-Feb-22 22:55:34

He didn't get you a Christmas card - but did buy you a bracelet!

It sounds as though this relationship has run its course and you are looking for things to feel annoyed about.

3dognight Fri 18-Feb-22 20:56:08

Pleased to read your last post Peacelily.
Enjoy your new life sunshine

Nonogran Fri 18-Feb-22 20:49:10

Well done you! Onwards & upwards. Thanks for the update. Good luck.

Peacelily321 Fri 18-Feb-22 16:18:57

We've parted amicably and I feel much, much happier. Much happier!

readsalot Mon 14-Feb-22 20:12:40

He sounds like a nice man, just not the one for you. The relationship has run its course and now it's time to move on. Best wishes.

Happygirl79 Mon 14-Feb-22 18:12:33

It sounds as if you would be much better off alone to be honest
I don't know what he is bringing to your relationship
Sounds like he is treating you as another mum

FarNorth Mon 14-Feb-22 13:53:00

*followed through.

FarNorth Mon 14-Feb-22 13:52:34

I hope Peacelily321 filled through and split from the man.

He was sounding like a normal bloke who happened not to suit her, until it got to the 'silent treatment'.
Pathetic behaviour.

So, I hope he's now history to her.

Esspee Mon 14-Feb-22 13:47:52

You are in a friends with benefits relationship. Each to their own.
Why not post on Mumsnet. This is quite a common subject and more your age group.

Grandnana Mon 14-Feb-22 13:39:17

"He doesn't really have much insight"
Nor did my ex husband.
Red flag, regardless of all the other issues.

trisher Mon 14-Feb-22 13:35:20

I wonder why you think he has to change and not you? It's fine to ask for more but doesn't there have to be some give and take in a relationship? Would he possibly say you were over acheiving and never at peace, always wanting more? It's fine to dump him but before you enter into another relationship perhaps think a bit more about what you bring to it and what changes you would be willing to make for someone who seemed almost right. You can't expect to mould someone to your exact requirements.

jaylucy Mon 14-Feb-22 12:37:14

You need to actually talk to him and find out if he is happy with the arrangement as it is.
He has to think of his children, his long working hours as well as his mother and personally I don't think it's a problem that he is living at her house - you may have no idea of his financial situation and just assuming that he can afford to have his own place !
If his answer isn't what you expect or want, you need to either decide if you want to carry on as is, or look for another, different relationship that will move on as you wish it too.
But be very careful that you don't look back and wish you were still with the current man !

Blossoming Mon 14-Feb-22 12:27:40

^Hello there,
If you were reading this what advise would You give to the person?^

See above, lots of advice given.

Daisydaisydaisy Mon 14-Feb-22 12:23:18

Hello there,
If you were reading this what advise would You give to the person?

Kim19 Wed 26-Jan-22 17:52:03

Sad but sensible. Try to part amicably if you can

Peacelily321 Wed 26-Jan-22 17:45:05

I agree with many of your comments and the advice given. We simply don't see each other enough. I've worked out it's roughly 52 days a year plus the holidays. I tried to raise it with him at the weekend and now I'm getting the silent treatment. He's gone from avid texter to one text a day and he won't 'read' my reply until the next day. I've been a supportive partner who tried to make it work but he simply won't ever make more effort. He's quite happy being on 'the road' and orbiting around me, whether he's in a truck, a car or on his bike.
He can get on his bike and be gone.

Nannashirlz Sun 23-Jan-22 14:07:28

My advice is walk away. I met a man few years ago and he was the stuck in a rut had big ideas but never went through with them. His idea of a day out was shopping on a weekend and sitting watching tv and him falling asleep in front of tv. I would moan about wanting to do something and he always replied what would you like to do. Said can’t you think of something different but it was always me. Yes I understood he was tired but he was also set in his ways. and even though I got on with his family my oldest son said is this how you want to spend the rest of your life mum. Don’t get me wrong I’m not after something wild just someone with a bit more in him. So I told him I wanted to end it as I felt we had run the coarse. So what you want to be asking yourself is can you see yourself with this man in 5yrs time. If not walk away for both of your sakes and if you can then do something about it.

Annigranni Sun 23-Jan-22 11:11:47

You don't sound happy, life is too short not to be happy, move on x

BlueBelle Sun 23-Jan-22 11:09:03

Just to add not once in your original post do you mention the word LOVE you want a man that fits your style or that you can mould to your style and this isn’t the one so personally I think you re being unreasonable to him if you keep this unsatisfactory ( to you) relationship going

BlueBelle Sun 23-Jan-22 11:04:43

He sounds a perfectly ok bloke but not ok for you
You both have different values, different goals, different needs
So why be with him let him down kindly he’s not done anything wrong he’s trying to juggle a job, two daughters, living conditions and you
Sounds too much , let him down kindly and hopefully you ll find someone who wants to be spontaneous and adventurous and a mover and he ll find someone who wants to be content with a slower pace of life and accept his restrictions because they love him

rafichagran Sun 23-Jan-22 10:59:45

The feelings are not there, and you are bored with him, this relationship for you is not working, perhaps tell him now you dont want to carry on, and
wish him well.

Caleo Sun 23-Jan-22 10:56:03

The quality of the sex is crucial.

henetha Sun 23-Jan-22 10:48:58

I agree, -There doesn't seem to be much future in this relationship does there. I get the feeling that he's quite content to just use you and then leave you dangling.
So perhaps you need to set yourself free to meet someone more inclined to want a proper relationship with you.
Good luck.

eazybee Sun 23-Jan-22 10:42:08

Friends say I'm lucky and that I should keep trying to make it work
That flags up danger signals. Although you have been in a relationship with this man for two years you have in reality spent only a few weeks in each other's company, and you shouldn't have to be 'trying to make it work.'
He has a life which suits him, living with mother and sleeping most evenings; seeing you on his terms twice a month and pursuing the activities he enjoys.
I really don't think there is much future in it, and although you may not think it you are still young. with plenty of opportunities ahead of you. Don't waste them on this man.