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Smoke smell in apartment

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nadateturbe Wed 23-Mar-22 22:58:19

We viewed an apartment today which was very nice although not perfect.
One problem was there was a strong smell of smoke. The guy showing us round said someone else had mentioned it too.
I couldn't see any evidence of smoking, blinds and paintwork were clean, which I thought was odd. Some of my family members smoke and there are telltale signs in their homes.
I'm wondering could this be a long term problem. Could anything else cause a smoky smell?

Chewbacca Wed 23-Mar-22 23:02:55

Dodgy electrics? If the windows were open maybe their neighbours smoke and it had wafted in? They'd used the toaster just before you called?

mokryna Wed 23-Mar-22 23:13:33

In France there is, in builds over the last 30 years, 24/7 electric ventilation in every space that has running water. I believe in my case, that this sucks the air in from other flats because if they have visitors that smoke I can smell it. Others don’t have this problem. Luckily not many people smoke so it doesn’t bother me.

nadateturbe Thu 24-Mar-22 06:28:19

There's no one living there at present. I must ask about ventilation. Thanks.

Nonogran Thu 24-Mar-22 06:37:51

Just because there are no signs of smoking does not mean that no one smokes there.
Cigarette smoke smell is one of the worst aromas you would ever have to get rid of. It’s vile & will take a lot of decorating, airing & refurbishment to get rid.
Believe me, I know.
If it’s being drawn in via ventilation equipment from elsewhere, eg other flats, can you live with that?

karmalady Thu 24-Mar-22 06:39:41

smelling smoke on a visit would be a no no from me, it likely has drifted in from another flat and coud well be a permanent problem

nadateturbe Thu 24-Mar-22 06:47:02

Thanks ladies. Confirming my thoughts, unfortunately.

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 24-Mar-22 06:57:27

If the apartment was home to a smoker for many years, it is likely that the odour will be in the plasterwork, permanently. Only a removal of this, and replastering, will solve the problem: not a cheap fix. If you like the apartment otherwise, perhaps the price of this could be negotiated?

nadateturbe Thu 24-Mar-22 07:21:39

Chocolatelovinggran (good name)
Negotiation not possible. Another person wants it.

FarNorth Thu 24-Mar-22 07:26:15

I'd say they're welcome to it, then.

nadateturbe Thu 24-Mar-22 07:33:57

Thanks Farnorth, my thoughts too. Shame though. It's in a lovely area, quite modern. But I couldn't live with it.

grannysyb Thu 24-Mar-22 08:27:14

When I bought my second hand car it was obvious that the previous owner was a smoker. I put a Neutradol gel aur freshener in , and it took some time to work. It would take forever to remove the smell in a flat.

Pepper59 Thu 24-Mar-22 12:32:13

Unfortunately neighbours smoke can permeate through walls.

silverlining48 Thu 24-Mar-22 12:41:08

It takes ages to remove the smell of smoke. It permeates all furnishings whether washable or not . It woukd be a no from me.

nadateturbe Thu 24-Mar-22 12:43:00

Thanks everyone. We've withdrawn our offer.

sazz1 Fri 25-Mar-22 11:33:12

My late MIL was a v heavy smoker. The only thing we found to remove the film and smell from ornaments and paintwork was a spray cleaner called Elbow Grease. It's fantastic on nicotine stains

LovelyLady Fri 25-Mar-22 11:38:31

I’d take the flat, soon no one will have money for cigarettes.

pascal30 Fri 25-Mar-22 11:50:32


I’d take the flat, soon no one will have money for cigarettes.

I wish...

Davida1968 Fri 25-Mar-22 11:52:59

Many years ago, my first house had a room which reeked of smoking. We bought the house anyway and we had to get rid of that room's carpet/curtains in the end. (Bare floorboards & some cheap curtains were better!) Other than that, we opened windows a lot; this is the best air-freshener in the world, IMO. But it took ages to get rid of the smell. Nadateurbe, I think you've made the right decision.

Lindylou57 Fri 25-Mar-22 12:00:07

This is going to sound weird and implausable but I do occasionally smell cigarette smoke in my home. Neither DH or I smoke, nor do my neighbours either side of me or any visitors to my home. My Father smoked and I feel its him trying to contact me. He died well over 20 years ago and he was a lousy father, husband and person. Whenever I smell the smoke, its usually only 2 or 3 times a year, I just tell him to F... off, I dont know what you want but its too late or something like that, and the smell goes. Yeah I know it sounds crazy but its true.

Buttonjugs Fri 25-Mar-22 12:01:46


Unfortunately neighbours smoke can permeate through walls.

Really? hmm

jaylucy Fri 25-Mar-22 12:02:08

It may well have been recently painted and curtains replaced , but cigarette smoke lingers in places that you don't expect!
I have neighbours that are basically chain smokers - 24 hours a day!
The woman doesn't seem to sleep more than 4 hours or so at a time - I know this because they don't smoke inside their house, they stand out in their back garden and there are some nights that I can't have my bedroom window open because of the stink of smoke and first thing in the morning (about 6 am), I have no idea what they are smoking, but it certainly ain't tobacco!

grandtanteJE65 Fri 25-Mar-22 13:03:58

If the building is not properly insultated between floors, you may well be able to smell cigarette smoke, smoke from wood burners and cooking odours from the other flats.

There is nothing you can do about it that won't cost a fortune and probably make you unpopular with the neighbours as well.

So continue your search for accomodation - it is just not worth moving in when you have already noticed the smell, as you probably will not be able to get rid of it.

4allweknow Fri 25-Mar-22 13:47:29

Could be drifting/seeping in from another apartment.

nadateturbe Fri 25-Mar-22 14:13:23

Thanks everyone for confirming my decision.