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Washing pillows

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sazz1 Wed 10-Aug-22 11:33:45

Anyone know how to wash pillows successfully? Mine all ended up with the filling so badly twisted that I've had to buy new. Washing label says 40C machine wash and I've tried turning the spin speed down to 400 but still wrecked them. Any suggestions?

Shinamae Wed 10-Aug-22 11:35:13

They never turn out right so I just buy new ones once a year..

MaizieD Wed 10-Aug-22 11:42:02

I've washed feather pillows successfully but they have to spend hours in the tumble drier to dry out properly.?

I can't see synthetic fillings being at all successful, They'll just get distorted.

AreWeThereYet Wed 10-Aug-22 11:42:33

I put tennis balls in when they are drying. Not always successful, I think it depends on the type of filling in the pillow. Make sure they are really dry or they may get mouldy inside.

tanith Wed 10-Aug-22 11:44:25

I have feather pillows that I wash at 40* once in the Spring and at the end of Summer they take a couple of days out in the sun to dry but I shake them often while drying and they fluff up lovely. The foam ones always twisted out of shape for me too.

sodapop Wed 10-Aug-22 13:20:29


They never turn out right so I just buy new ones once a year..

Same here Shinamae I buy new pillows when there is a sale and replace them annually. I can't bear stained or discoloured pillows and always use protectors.

V3ra Wed 10-Aug-22 13:26:17

We have wool pillows with a quilted cotton zip-off cover.
I can take the little wool balls out and wash the cover.

SachaMac Wed 10-Aug-22 13:41:21

Ive tried washing them but they always go lumpy and misshapen. Easier to throw out and buy new. I just use good quality pillow protectors so they last a bit longer.

lemsip Wed 10-Aug-22 13:45:57

I don't buy expensive ones so that I relace frequently .. wouldn't bother washing any even though they are washable

aggie Wed 10-Aug-22 13:48:26

I couldn’t afford to replace pillows every year , I wash on delicates and poke and shake till I get the filling back in position
I do use protectors and it does help to prolong the life of the pillows

aggie Wed 10-Aug-22 13:49:07

I’m conscious of land fill too ,

Mapleleaf Wed 10-Aug-22 13:49:43

It’s such a shame that they don’t wash successfully - all that landfill (I doubt they can be recycled). Where do you buy your wool pillows from, V3ra? I haven’t heard of them before.

nadateturbe Wed 10-Aug-22 13:52:51

Some wash well and some don't. Cost is no guarantee. I try washing before replacing. Tumble drying helps
We use cushioned protectors and wash them every time we change the beds.

V3ra Wed 10-Aug-22 13:54:57


They're not cheap but they do last for years.
There's always a sale on around bank holidays!

BlueBelle Wed 10-Aug-22 14:06:36

I don’t wash pillows I have pillow cases in them and wash the pillow cases !

Wheniwasyourage Wed 10-Aug-22 15:15:55

I've washed (synthetic) pillows with a 15-minute wash and then hung them outside and had no problems.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 15:19:13

I wash mine regularly.
I don't know what the secret is, because in the past I've had some go really lumpy and never plump out, but these ones seem to wash really well.

25Avalon Wed 10-Aug-22 15:22:13

Use washable pillow protectors covers and replace pillows when they lose their oomph.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Aug-22 15:24:04

I use the protectors, too.
My pillows are "bounce back" ones, so I don't know if that has any bearing on how they wash up.

nadateturbe Wed 10-Aug-22 19:35:40


I don’t wash pillows I have pillow cases in them and wash the pillow cases !

If someone sweats a lot pillows will get marks.

DanniRae Wed 10-Aug-22 19:44:30

My friend keeps the pillow cases on the pillows when she washes them and swears they are just fine. I am yet to try it.

BlueBelle Wed 10-Aug-22 20:00:01

Theres only me and I ve never sweated in my life even when I lived in the tropics ?

Georgesgran Wed 10-Aug-22 20:19:11

Life’s too short. I’ve had disasters, so it’s new ones for me in the sales. Don’t bother much with spare beds, but always a protector, old pillow case, then the fancy one on top, I’ve got to say it’s a bit of an obsession with me. SinL takes her own pillow everywhere (in the UK) with her.

lixy Wed 10-Aug-22 20:26:38

We have an old pillowcase under a newer one on each pillow. These are washed weekly,

I handwash the pillows in the bath, most usually by walking up and down on them which seems to work best. Then I dry them outside - something the current weather here is good for!

MiniMoon Wed 10-Aug-22 20:36:54

I can't wash my pillow. It is filled with buckwheat hulls. I have a pillow protector on it and pillowcase on top of that.