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Have you been outside yet?

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Riverwalk Mon 30-Jan-23 10:46:34

No slobbing around this morning - I was up and out with my friend and we did a brisk 75 minute walk in the chilly sunshine sunshine

It's a balmy 7C but felt colder in the 'gentle breeze' as described on the BBC weather.

pandapatch Mon 06-Feb-23 12:15:17

No, have been guilty of slobbing around, watching birds in the garden from the warmth of the lounge, but about to have lunch then go for a walk with DH

Norah Mon 06-Feb-23 12:57:11

It's quite chilly, we ate lunch near the roaring fire. Soon some book work and then a dog walk - exercise routine. sunshine

AGAA4 Mon 06-Feb-23 15:37:38

Had a lovely sunny walk by the river but some of the puddles have frozen over.

Riverwalk Wed 08-Feb-23 15:50:17

Yesterday's walk involved a slight detour as we had to make way for a certain person filming in the 'hood.

I'm a bit blasé about filming on location as see quite a bit but next time I'll pay more attention!

We didn't see James Norton or 'Bob Marley' but did see some of the props, including footballs and tracksuits. Marley was known to be a football fan.

silverlining48 Wed 08-Feb-23 16:17:45

Have had a decent walk today, about 5 miles maybe. It was lovely to get outside and once the sun came out it was quite warm( ish!) but am tired now so feet up on the sofa.