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Have you been outside yet?

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Riverwalk Mon 30-Jan-23 10:46:34

No slobbing around this morning - I was up and out with my friend and we did a brisk 75 minute walk in the chilly sunshine sunshine

It's a balmy 7C but felt colder in the 'gentle breeze' as described on the BBC weather.

bridie54 Mon 30-Jan-23 10:53:09

I am out early most mornings after I've fed the cat. Still in my dressing gown, I feed and water the birds then am back in for my own breakfast. When the weather heats up I'll get dressed first.
Don't think i'd be up for a walk like yours Riverwalk.

M0nica Mon 30-Jan-23 11:00:35

I will be going to Tai Chi and then for a walk this afternoon.

Aveline Mon 30-Jan-23 11:03:44

I was out at 9 on my way to my Aquafit class but hit such massive tailbacks from roadworks I realised I'd never get there in time. I had to turn back. Really annoying and frustrating. It's a lovely day though.

silverlining48 Mon 30-Jan-23 11:23:15

I am just back from hydrotherapy and feeling quite warm. Will either go for a long walk or catch up in the garden. Either way I will be able to enjoy the sunshine.

crazyH Mon 30-Jan-23 11:27:06

Riverwalk - 75 minute walk ? How I envy you !! Maximum here is 30 minutes - at a stretch, it’s 45mins 😂

Charleygirl5 Mon 30-Jan-23 11:34:40

My "walk" is going around the aisles in a supermarket with a trolley in front of me. 10 minutes would probably be my walk outdoors. I did not intend to get old but it sort of crept up on me.

tanith Mon 30-Jan-23 11:37:30

It’s such a lovely day even put my short jacket on, I’ve put two loads of bedding out on the line and had my morning walk about 45 mins and now I’ve a cuppa and my iPad going.

halfpint1 Mon 30-Jan-23 11:37:33


My "walk" is going around the aisles in a supermarket with a trolley in front of me. 10 minutes would probably be my walk outdoors. I did not intend to get old but it sort of crept up on me.

Well done you. Any walk is better than no walk

HettyBetty Mon 30-Jan-23 11:48:08

Just about to go out although I did go to the bins earlier. I will be out for a couple of hours, shopping and then will walk home the longer more rural way.

Nandalot Mon 30-Jan-23 11:50:59

Only been out to hang out the washing. It is lovely out. However, I have also shampooed the living room carpet. Not bad considering I didn’t get to sleep til gone 4.30 this morning

Beechnut Mon 30-Jan-23 12:02:27

Only to put a few things in the bin after my tidy up. I have found it hard to get going this morning.

AGAA4 Mon 30-Jan-23 12:16:57

I have done my usual hour's walk. It was very cold up in the hills but climbing helped to keep me warm.

biglouis Mon 30-Jan-23 12:19:04

It takes me all my time to get down the stairs safely!

Riverwalk Sun 05-Feb-23 11:46:51

Blimey it was cold out there at 08.30 - supposed to be 5C but felt more like 2C, especially when the wind whipped up.

But it is bright and sunny sunshine so there's a feelgood factor! smile

MrsKen33 Sun 05-Feb-23 11:49:14

Yes it is lovely out though a bit cold. Washed two knitted throws and hung them on the line. The birds are singing like fury. Is spring here??

biglouis Sun 05-Feb-23 11:50:12

I have no reason to go outside today. Too many things to do in the house.

JaneJudge Sun 05-Feb-23 11:51:09

it is a lovely day smile

Norah Sun 05-Feb-23 11:58:01

Dogs needs. Before Church a cold hour. Now, before cooking lunch it was a chilly hour. Hopefully late afternoon will be warmer. Dogs!

Mollygo Sun 05-Feb-23 12:10:24

Dog need walking -whatever the weather. It said sunny and 10°, so I washed towels and then dog’s bedding and hung out in the sun early on. (Gritted my teeth about using the washing machine twice and all the water, but it needs doing.)
Then we took our pooch out for a longish walk. i’ve got a full load of our stuff and I’m so tempted to do the washing, I would normally do tomorrow since the weather is fine today.

M0nica Sun 05-Feb-23 22:16:44

It has been a lovely day today, bright and sunny, I even got some gardening done, but I went out this afternoon to an indoor event, I didn't need a coat when I left home, but I threw a coat into the back of the car, just in case.

It was a longish walk from the carpark and when I got there it was nippy so I put it on. Two hours later when I returned to the car I was very glad I had my coat, it was really cold.

MrsKen33 Mon 06-Feb-23 08:46:37

Off to the library in a mo. Looks good out, sky is blue and clear but there is frost on the grass. We had the most wonderful sunset last evening. Bright glowing orange. Shepherds delight

Mollygo Mon 06-Feb-23 08:49:52

1st job this morning-defrost the car! Looks lovely, bright blue sky, sunny, but considering the weather man said 3 degrees overnight, there’s a thick frost.

crazyH Mon 06-Feb-23 08:58:13

Yes MrsKen33 - I thought so too. Beautiful sunset yesterday and I thought the same thing - Red sky at night, shepherds delight. I took a couple of pictures but didn’t it justice .

Riverwalk Mon 06-Feb-23 11:47:23

Another lovely day - blue skies and sunshine sunshine

I walked for 90 minutes and have built up quite an appetite but trying not to eat before noon! 🍆🌶️🥕