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Which thread topics, in the main, do you start or contribute to, and which do you have little or no interest in?

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Riverwalk Thu 02-Feb-23 13:47:18

In the main, I start or contribute to:

Walking & exercise
Politics & News

I rarely contribute to:

Relationships - unless the poster is a name I recognise

crazyH Thu 02-Feb-23 20:16:44

What’s Last Hour threads ?

Maggiemaybe Thu 02-Feb-23 20:34:13

There’s a drop down menu at the top right of the thread that gives you options of, amongst other things, posts from the Last Hour or Last Day, so you can get to the most recent active threads.

merlotgran Thu 02-Feb-23 21:17:23

I scroll down the active list and look in on any threads where I’ve already bookmarked a post before investigating a new one. I hide the games threads and usually avoid the relationship ones.

I’m interested in most topics and enjoy reading the politics threads even if I rarely post on them. The ones I enjoy most are gardening, TV, books, food and news without politics.

lixy Thu 02-Feb-23 21:23:15

I go through the 'active' list and read any that grab my attention. May or may not post depending - usually anything I might say has already been said by someone so nothing to add.

I avoid 'estrangement' and the RF. I do read news and politics but rarely post as they can be confrontational - a bit like PMQs!

I especially enjoy the gardening and the craft threads - 'knit and natter' is a good one for me. I try to Wordle every day too.

Floradora9 Thu 02-Feb-23 21:39:47

I read the "last day " thread and read all apart from all these terrible games . Why do people start them ? If you want to play games there are lots of other sites to do it .

henetha Thu 02-Feb-23 22:38:18

They are not terrible! Each to his own . They are easily avoided.

SachaMac Thu 02-Feb-23 23:14:04

I quite like some of the games, I usually play when having my coffee or before going to sleep.
I follow health, diet, lifestyle, tv, ask a Gran etc. I sometimes read the political threads but rarely comment. I’m not interested in Royal Family threads. I like the reminiscent type conversations, products we remember from childhood etc. I haven’t yet started a thread.

Cabbie21 Fri 03-Feb-23 07:29:28

I look at Last Hour and Last Day. I post on Legal money Pensions
ask a Gran
Nostalgia threads

I avoid Games, politics.

Redhead56 Fri 03-Feb-23 09:36:44

Active threads if I think I can contribute anything useful I will. Food is always a thread that gets my interest as I am a total foodie. I find estrangement threads interesting and rather painful for the OP if I can give words of comfort I will.

I don’t get involved in politics I studied that at university. It’s a subject that goes around in circles and ends up in arguments. I feel the same about religion my dad used to say don’t get involved in discussions about politics or religion wise words.

There are a few subjects that are very current and discussed on here. I won’t get involved in those threads either. I am not interested in the games threads there are too many of them. If you like game threads that’s good but like game shows on tv they are not of any interest to me.

Dickens Fri 03-Feb-23 09:51:25


Like others, I just check out the Last Hour threads and have a look at any that take my interest, whatever the forum. I don’t contribute as much as I used to, and avoid doing so where I can see that words are being twisted, and things are getting personal - life’s too short. I like to put my fourpennorth in if someone’s asking for advice, and I think I can help. I don’t do the “cosy”, daily threads - nothing against them, but I’m not a joiner. I do love a book thread though, and I’m still mourning the loss of the GN monthly Book Club, when they gave away free books for us to review.

I think I might spend more time on Mumsnet these days.

"I think I might spend more time on Mumsnet these days.^

Me, too!

If you're a gran- you're also still a mum!