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Yammy Wed 29-Mar-23 14:16:49

Over the past month, I have been alerted to the fact that if you Google someone's User name and add Gran's net you will get all their posts, call me naive but I did not realise and neither did a few others who I have had contact with.
I said this on the wrong post and hijacked someone's post I apologise.
I still think that everyone should be aware that everything you post can be read by anyone if they look at Gransnet and get your username.
People give far too much personal detail away and with a bit of snooping they or their area can be identified. Posters have left for this reason.
Poster beware.

lemsip Wed 29-Mar-23 21:46:14

you will get all their posts

No you will not! you will get a most recent two or three depending on how often they post on here.

JaneJudge Wed 29-Mar-23 21:50:49

It’s a public forum
I suppose most people are not that interested in Gransnet tbh but good to alert ppl who don’t know

Shel69 Thu 30-Mar-23 07:49:37

Oh didn't know that

Primrose53 Thu 30-Mar-23 08:02:03

If you don’t post photos or give out any personal details and don’t use your real name you have nothing to worry about.

Surprised people have only just discovered this.

J52 Thu 30-Mar-23 08:49:32

Another thing to be aware of is that people might not be who they appear to be. On some of the threads that offer friendships and support, members do give personal information and would appear to PM frequently.
GN has a huge membership and it wouldn’t be difficult to post long term to gain people’s trust and abuse that trust, by not being who you say you are.

Marydoll Thu 30-Mar-23 09:08:49

Thats a good point, J52.

However, having met a number of grans at meet ups, I am happy to trust them.

Primrose not everyone is tech savvy. You would be surprised how naive some posters are.

JackyB Thu 30-Mar-23 10:06:54

On another forum that I am on which has been going since 1999 you can click on anyone's name at the top of their post in a thread and it takes you to their page which lists all the conversations they are on. So I consider this quite normal. No need to faff about googling.