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Hels001 Sun 27-Aug-23 14:35:13

Hi fellow grans I'd like some advice please. I've just ventured into my loft. I have a modest 2 bed bungalow. When I moved in from my family home various boxes etc were dumped in there. I've just spent a couple of hours sorting out for charity shop. I'd love to have it properly boarded out but don't know what's involved or likely costs. Plus there's things up there I can't possibly move now - anyone ever got this done? Is it a very big job I can probably budget around 3 thousand for this.

SueDonim Sun 27-Aug-23 14:48:43

You can get a joiner to do it or get a specialist loft boarding firm to give you a quote. Make sure you check your insulation is up to scratch at the same time, including the loft hatch.

Farmor15 Sun 27-Aug-23 14:49:07
This type of board is ideal for attic flooring. We did ours ourselves - not that difficult. The sheets are small enough to fit through hatch and slot together at the edges. Once you have a small section done you can shift the boxes on to it and crawl around doing more.
But if you can "get a man in" it should be possible to do well within your budget.
I presume there's already insulation in attic.

Hels001 Sun 27-Aug-23 14:54:10

Thank you - yes there's insulation up there and a couple of boards with boxes etc on I have to balance very carefully on the beams. I think the "get a man in" is the answer. At least if I get a quote now I know im in the right sort of price range. Thanks

Farmor15 Sun 27-Aug-23 15:01:56

You can work out how many boards you need - available very widely- so you'll know approx material cost. I just gave Homebase link but all hardware places stock. Just make sure they are loft boards as there are bigger sheets of chipboard which are much more awkward.

crazyH Sun 27-Aug-23 15:20:16

Don’t go up there and ‘balance on the beams’. I did that 14 years ago and am still paying the price. I lost my footing , …right leg went through the ceiling , while left leg in the attic. Called out to the decorators in the house at the time (thank Heaven) - they managed to get me back up to the attic and from there got down the attic ladder. I still get the occasional pain on my right hip.

Hels001 Sun 27-Aug-23 17:33:51

Ekkk crazyH ill take your advice no more beam gymnastics then. shock

pascal30 Sun 27-Aug-23 17:41:32

You should easily cover what you want doing with that amount of money but get several quotes and if possible use recommended (by friends or neighbours) tradesmen..

AskAlice Sun 27-Aug-23 17:42:01

We've just had the middle of our loft boarded (not the eaves). We bought the boarding ourselves from Wickes (it's tongue and groove chipboard, like Farmor15's) and got a couple of our usual painter and decorators to do it. The cost was a few hundred for labour, not thousands, and they moved quite a bit of heavy stuff for us as they went along. If you order the materials yourself you will be well within your budget - or even if you don't buy the materials yourself! But make sure you know the rough cost of materials anyway so that you're not overcharged.

karmalady Sun 27-Aug-23 17:53:25

you need boards and legs for them so that there is air space below the boards for the insulation and ventilation. My 2 neighbours did theirs but only down the centre

Hels001 Mon 28-Aug-23 11:36:02

Oo thank you boards on legs yes I can see why. Your right AskAlice I will pay a visit to wickes and have a look at prices. That was my big worry I know in the past I've been overcharged for jobs when I've told folk what jobs I've had done and they've enquired as to what I paid they've usually said oo they saw you coming!

Devorgilla Tue 29-Aug-23 13:58:05

We had ours boarded when we got the roof done. It didn't cost thousands, Good idea though to mark where electrical wires etc run underneath.

travelnan Thu 31-Aug-23 17:03:52

We have a local trade magazine published monthly. This month there is a company offering a loft deal 10m2 raised boarding, aluminium ladder and LED light for £899. including VAT. They have a web site but do not think we are allowed to publish names. It might give you some idea of cost.