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Dog not eating properly

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Nanjust60 Thu 31-Aug-23 19:15:46

Hi all

Just wondered if any of you have had dogs ours is a poodle that picks at their food we have mentioned it to the vet and she says she is basically trying it on but it’s getting us quite anxious now we have tried changing her good a little but that doesn’t work either any ideas ?

Gingster Sun 03-Sep-23 23:05:08

Glad it helped Rascal

Iam64 Mon 04-Sep-23 08:03:47

Merlotgran, the weetabix is supposed to help avoid anal gland problems

merlotgran Mon 04-Sep-23 09:08:10

Thanks, Iam.

Mariew1 Mon 04-Sep-23 10:03:10

Hi, I have an 18 month old cairn. I've had cairns all my life, first one when I was 6 and never had a fussy one until now. I got Rosie when she was six months old - she had been kept to bring on for showing but didn't quite fit. When I got her the breeder said to watch her eating because she doesn't finish her food, and as you probably know dog breeders don't overfeed their dogs. After a day with me she refused the food the breeder had given me. I tried the food my previous dogs had eaten, Forthglade, not cheap and good quality. She ate it for a week then refused it. This went on for months. I tried different flavours, different brands, all the same, she would eat it for a few days then refuse. I have given away pounds worth of expensive dog food to my local food bank. Then I tried raw, in desperation because I'm not mad keen on it. Guess what? She scoffs the lot, no issues. Gets excited when I say dinner time, unbelievable, the little minx. I tried natures menu first of all because you just take a few lumps out of the bag, it's all easy. Now I buy it from a local firm which supplies a vast array, for dogs, birds of prey, zoos etc. So you could give raw a try. Buy a 100g of mince and see what she says. There is loads to read online about raw feeding. The main thing is hygiene so Rosie has her own chopping board, defrosting containers, and I buy those nitrile gloves for handling it when portioning it up, Amazon about £5 for 100. Give it a try. I don't go along with the leave it and she will eat it when she is hungry idea. Dogs love food so why not give them something they want to eat. Good luck.

Bijou Mon 04-Sep-23 11:32:26

When I was a child before the war my mother bred cairn terriers. In those days there was no processed dog food so they were fed meat , mainly offal, for main meal in the evening and a few dog biscuits in the morning.

0ddOne Tue 05-Sep-23 21:41:43

Is your dog losing weight, or dangerously underweight? If they are, then a vets visit is required. If not, I'd let them be. A healthy, but picky, dog won't starve themselves and will eat what they need to stay healthy.