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Shoulder pads - does anyone still wear them?

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Stoker48 Tue 19-Sep-23 16:46:47

I am quite tiny with narrow shoulders.
I’ve just found an old pair of shoulder pads in my bedroom drawer.
I’ve tried them in a soft material dress and it’s made a big difference.
I remember wearing them all the time in early 90s but they used to wander all over the place.
Does anyone still wear them and do you have any top tips for keeping them in situ?
Should I buy several pairs and sew them in ( tried that years ago and it seemed quite obvious where I had sewn) or buy moveable ones and hope they don’t shift about?
Thanks in advance.

Marydoll Tue 19-Sep-23 16:51:45

Shoulder pads are back. Models are once again striding down the catwalks sporting those iconic emblems of the 1980s

Go for it!

Spinnaker Tue 19-Sep-23 17:36:05

I've just taken delivery of four sets of shoulder pads - they make a huge difference. They have velcro tapes as well so sit in place with your bra strap . Just make sure you order the correct size for the garment - looks wonderful !
Ps. Ordered mine from Amazon

Stoker48 Tue 19-Sep-23 20:27:49

Thank you for your responses.
Spinnaker, I’ve seen the Velcro ones advertised but I thought you had to sew Velcro onto the garment. Didn’t realize they just stuck to your bra strap! I’m ordering some right now.
Thank you.?

Blinko Wed 20-Sep-23 09:22:13

Must take a look. I have sloping shoulders so I find clothes do sit better with shoulder pads. Thanks, Spinnaker