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NanKate Thu 21-Sep-23 12:10:51

I have been asked to write a quiz for my WI. I’ve done it in the past by making up the questions myself, but now need new inspiration.

Can any of you recommend a quiz book or printable website where I can prepare this light-hearted quiz, THANKS?

ginny Thu 21-Sep-23 12:31:18

If you Google ‘Quizzes’ you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

Jaxjacky Thu 21-Sep-23 12:44:51

This is quite good

NanKate Fri 22-Sep-23 07:49:20

Thanks I will check the book out 👍

Maggiemaybe Fri 22-Sep-23 08:24:52

There are hundreds of free quizzes on this site, NanKate. All sorted into different categories, and printable. You can then print off a sheet with answers for yourself - just don’t give the wrong one out. grin

NanKate Fri 22-Sep-23 15:45:43

Brilliant thanks Maggie

Maggiemaybe Fri 22-Sep-23 23:00:55

I hope your quiz goes well, NanKate.

teabagwoman Sat 23-Sep-23 07:37:27

Thank you for this thread Nankate, I have to find some quiz questions and was wondering where I would find some inspiration.