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Phillips Mon 02-Oct-23 13:00:01

My husband’s sleeping habits during the night are odd.
He doesn’t seem to go into a deep sleep at all. He is talking through out the night, he is kicking and last week fell out of bed. Ended up with a black eye and bruised chest.
This has been going on for a few years. He is fine during the day. Although does fall asleep now and again. He is 73 active and healthy.
Anyone experienced the same. Any advice!!!

Hetty58 Mon 02-Oct-23 13:15:56

Has he had a sleep monitor overnight - to check for sleep apnoea? If not, book him a GP visit to get one.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 02-Oct-23 13:17:56

Has he always had difficulty sleeping, or only in the past few years?

What was his line of work? In my experience this sort of sleep patterns are often part of post-traumatic stress.

Does he know he talks in his sleep and can he remember that he has dreamed or what he has dreamed?

Has he consulted a doctor about it? Can you get him to do so?

He can't continue to risk hurting himself at night, and how do you get any proper sleep with this going on?

You might just get him to a doctor by telling him that your health is suffering due to a combination of broken nights and worrying about him!

Ali08 Tue 03-Oct-23 04:14:22

I'd buy him a bed guard like children use, to stop him falling out!