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Grandmother names?

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RebeccaJane Mon 29-Nov-21 16:46:19

Hello everyone 😊 I’m new here 👋
I have just found out I am going to be a grandmother and I am so excited ☺️
I am 40 so quite young I think to be a grandparent so I would like a cute name that doesn’t make me feel older than I am 😂 I’m not ready for grandma yet! Any ideas ? X

Kali2 Mon 29-Nov-21 16:47:53

Personally, I was proud to become a Granny.

Aveline Mon 29-Nov-21 16:51:36

I was so happy to be Gran.

Smileless2012 Mon 29-Nov-21 16:56:06

I'd have loved to have been called grandma, gran, granny, or nanna. If you have a nik name, you could choose that.

JaneJudge Mon 29-Nov-21 16:59:59

Granny Becky sounds fine smile congratulations. I imagine it is quite lovely being a young Gran

AGAA4 Mon 29-Nov-21 17:00:59

I am Nana to my six. Love hearing them say 'nana'.

BlueBelle Mon 29-Nov-21 17:10:25

I was a Nana now they are all older I m a Nan
Happy with that title what ever age I am

grandMattie Mon 29-Nov-21 17:14:48

My mother’s name was Pauline but she asked to be called “Bobbine” by her grandchildren…. My DH is called “Das” by DGS, his own invention, the other grandfather is “Harrydas”! Your choice.

annodomini Mon 29-Nov-21 17:19:47

I'm Granny which is more common in Scotland, but now they are all older, they generally call me 'Gran'. My opposite number, in N Ireland, is Granny E and I am Granny A.

Visgir1 Mon 29-Nov-21 17:20:55

I just wanted to be known by my First name... My Dad was always known to the Grandchildren by his, even me and my sister called him by that, more than Dad.
But my kids weren't having any of it so I'm a Nanny to my daughters son and Nana to my sons girls.

Regardless of a given name/title they are all a beautiful gift.
Enjoy your new baby.

Soroptimum Mon 29-Nov-21 17:26:01

I decided to be Nini as I’m Welsh. DH is Grampy but youngest grandson calls him Gampy which has stuck as it’s so cute ☺️

kittylester Mon 29-Nov-21 17:29:00

Our first dgc christened us Ma and Pa. We love it.

VioletSky Mon 29-Nov-21 17:31:27

I didn't start my parenting journey till mid 20s so hoping the same again but I would like to be nanny

Granniesunite Mon 29-Nov-21 17:34:10

I’m granny and I love it. Go with a pet name if you have one.

Elless Mon 29-Nov-21 17:34:25

I used to love picking my GC up from school and people thinking I was their mum, you will have a lovely relationship being so young. They will probably come up with some strange alternatives when they start speaking so go along with what they choose.

tanith Mon 29-Nov-21 17:48:55

Mine called me Nanny when they were young then the older ones call me Grandma but now the little Grt Grands call me Gaga. I don’t mind what they call me. Choose your favourite.

GagaJo Mon 29-Nov-21 17:51:08

I thought I was going to be granny, but my DGS had different ideas. Gaga it is. He's not wrong!

Ashcombe Mon 29-Nov-21 17:58:37

When I first became a grandmother, my own mother was still alive and was known as Grandma so for the rest of her life I was known as Grandmum.

3dognight Mon 29-Nov-21 17:59:39

What about ‘Nan Bex’ ?
Short and sweet. Congratulations by the way, and being a young Nan you will (hopefully) have bags of energy for your new grandchild.

Kim19 Mon 29-Nov-21 18:03:30

It's really nothing to do with age methinks but do think long and hard about whatever you wish to be called as it's really a blank canvas out there. Mine is a little unusual but it warms my heart just to hear my GC say it.

Grandma70s Mon 29-Nov-21 18:44:14

The other grandmother asked me if I wanted to be Granny or Grandma, and I chose Grandma because I preferred my own Grandma to my Granny. I was not 40 like the OP, however. At 40 I still had primary school age children, and being a grandma was very far from my thoughts. I don’t know what name I would have chosen, perhaps something based on my first name?

I don’t like nanny and nana. A nanny is a nursemaid. I wasn’t aware of it meaning grandmother until I was grown up.

Forsythia Mon 29-Nov-21 18:47:42

I’m grandma, my own choice. My mum was nanny so I wanted to be something different.

aquagran Mon 29-Nov-21 18:53:30


Grandmadinosaur Mon 29-Nov-21 19:46:05

I’m grandma by choice too although I did wait to see what the other Gran wanted to be called. As she is quite traditional I thought she’d want Grandma but went for Nanna so it was grandma for me.
My Ds grans were called grandma followed by there Christian name.

Hetty58 Mon 29-Nov-21 20:58:59

Nobody asked me - but they all call me Nanny Hetty (as they have other nannys).