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Dame Vera Lynn RIP.

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glammanana Thu 18-Jun-20 09:48:01

I've just heard on my local Radio Station that this lovely lady has passed away at 103 yrs of age RIP Dame Vera.

Blinko Thu 18-Jun-20 09:50:51

A national treasure if ever there was. RIP Dame Vera.

Sparklefizz Thu 18-Jun-20 09:51:01

Oh no! My parents loved Vera Lynn. RIP Dame Vera. flowers

GrannyGravy13 Thu 18-Jun-20 09:51:42

Oh dear how sad, she brought so much joy to so many people. God Bless Fame Vera Lynn.

J52 Thu 18-Jun-20 09:51:48

Oh how sad, she’ll be missed by many, especially those who remember her in her hay day.

EllanVannin Thu 18-Jun-20 09:52:31

Aw, yes I've just heard, bless her. RIP to a lovely lady. x

Willow500 Thu 18-Jun-20 09:57:31

Just heard this on tv - very sad especially after the recent No 1 of We'll Meet Again but 103 is a great age. She looked so like my MIL in her younger days too sad

glammanana Thu 18-Jun-20 09:59:46

Sending best wishes EV are your PMs working.?

EllanVannin Thu 18-Jun-20 10:04:51

Glamma, yes they're working---I forget to check my mail grin

annep1 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:07:18

Aw,very sad. A national treasure indeed. RIP Dame.

B9exchange Thu 18-Jun-20 10:07:38

Bless her, and her family. So sad that we can't all go and pay our respects to her in the current climate, but perhaps there will be an online book of remembrance?

Bretonneau Thu 18-Jun-20 10:09:54

How lucky to live to be 103. I am 82 and am enjoying life so much I never want to die. Lucky too to die with all your marbles intact. I love that the Queen and her old man are - well - old. Hope for me. My role model is my friend Daphne Selfe. 99 and still a working fashion model. Respect!

Grandad1943 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:10:05

One of the truly great entertainers and people of the twentieth century.

One of the very few British stars to several times make the very dangerous journey out to the far east during the Second World War to entertain all those serving with the "forgotten army" in Burma.

She then attributed much of her time in later life to supporting the Burma Star Association and in that those who returned from that conflict with so many scars.

May Vera always Rest In Peace.

Ellianne Thu 18-Jun-20 10:10:51

So sad, a true treasure and relevant throughout her life.

nanaK54 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:10:58

Sad news, RIP Dame Vera flowers

trisher Thu 18-Jun-20 10:14:51

RIP Vera. This is a story my mum always told. During the war whenever she was heard on the radio my uncle used to say "She can't sing but she's got something." and then turn the radio up as loud as possible.

Teetime Thu 18-Jun-20 10:19:22

What a wonderful life she lived- so inspirational. RIP flowers

JessK Thu 18-Jun-20 10:36:40

A national treasure who worked tirelessly for the troops during the war. May she rest in peace.

henetha Thu 18-Jun-20 11:02:45

A marvellous lady with a glorious voice. She will long be remembered. RIP Dame Vera.

Alexa Thu 18-Jun-20 11:07:22

End of an era. Dear Vera Lynn.

Ealdemodor Thu 18-Jun-20 11:10:02

We really need our entertainers, especially in troubled times, and Dame Vera epitomised this for a whole generation.
So glad this lovely lady was still here for this year’s V E Day commemorations.

Purplepixie Thu 18-Jun-20 11:10:59

RIP Dame Vera. flowers

newnanny Thu 18-Jun-20 12:36:36

I am so glad she got to see and experience the 75th VE day celebrations. She brought so much comfort to so many troops.

Nannytrace Thu 18-Jun-20 12:39:48

Grace and service. What a combination. A real hero and an example to us all. Plus a sing-a-long cracking tune that united so many. RIP Dame Vera.

sodapop Thu 18-Jun-20 12:58:35

Can't add anything to that Nannytrace so true. RIP Dame Vera