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is anybody out there?

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Skeeter Sat 02-Sep-23 11:38:12

my husband died three days ago..i just wanted to say good morning to someone

silverlining48 Sat 02-Sep-23 13:59:04

It’s early days, even if it wasn’t entirely unexpected , losing someone is still a shock.
We are here if you need a bit of support, look after yourself,

Skeeter Sat 02-Sep-23 15:41:55

so gracious..thank you

Skeeter Sat 02-Sep-23 15:42:49


Skeeter Sat 02-Sep-23 15:44:10

thank nice and kind...iwill learn to navigate this site..much needed

Skeeter Sat 02-Sep-23 15:45:38

Oh..i should've used quote instead of reply...anyway all your kindness is truly appreciated

dustyangel Sat 02-Sep-23 15:58:19

No, you’ve replied to everyone in one go, that’s fine.
I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear husband, lookafter yourself.

downtoearth Sat 02-Sep-23 16:00:27

So sorry for your loss Skeeterflowers just tiny steps a minute at a time,big 🤗 for you.

crazyH Sat 02-Sep-23 16:04:24

So sorry Skeeter flowers

Glamdram Sat 02-Sep-23 16:15:12

Good afternoon Skeeter. Devasting for you. Very early days. Very early. Numbness and sadness will be your friend for some time. Take time to be however you want to be. Sending condolences across the miles to you.

BlueBelle Sat 02-Sep-23 16:20:59

Sad news Skeeter and it will take a while to come to terms but I wish you well

Greenfinch Sat 02-Sep-23 16:28:27

Condolences Skeeter. I am glad you have reached out in your sadness. Keep on reading and joining in if you feel like it.

luluaugust Sat 02-Sep-23 16:33:01

Condolences Skeeter take care of yourself such early days

midgey Sat 02-Sep-23 16:46:12

Skeeter flowers thinking of you..

Redhead56 Sat 02-Sep-23 16:49:52

So very sorry look after yourself if you need support you know where to come x

Blinko Sat 02-Sep-23 17:01:35

Condolences, Skeeter. Thinking of you flowers

foxie48 Sat 02-Sep-23 18:23:52

No words, just sending a hug.

Curtaintwitcher Sat 02-Sep-23 18:27:02

My sympathies. You're not alone. There are still lots of lovely people around. Ask for help and you'll get it.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 02-Sep-23 18:41:37

Sending you a virtual (((hug))) Skeeter 🌸

Whiff Sat 02-Sep-23 19:16:30

Skeeter so sorry for you. It's important you look after yourself you won't want to eat but you must and drink and make sure you take any medication you are on. Life doesn't feel real and you can't see a way forward. But you need to keep your body strong. As you are going to have to make a lot of decisions in a short time period. Your grief is overwhelming and the last thing you want to think about paperwork but unfortunately it has to be done. I hope you have family support.

Talk out loud to your husband everyday I promise it helps . Scream ,shout,swear hit a pillow just don't hold your feelings in . I did that and the only person I hurt was me. But I was 45 at the time and thought I had to be brave I was a fool. I am now 65.

Your husband wouldn't want you to be brave and he would want you to look after yourself. Love never dies even when the person you love dies. In fact I love my husband more than ever . And so glad I was loved and loved in return. As your husband loved you and you loved him.🌹

Bella23 Sat 02-Sep-23 19:23:31

So sorry for your loss Skeeter I hope you are not sitting alone this evening if you are we are all thinking of

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 02-Sep-23 19:34:50

Condolences Skeeter look forward to seeing you on the Good Morning thread, Mike opens it around 5.30-6am.

Romola Sat 02-Sep-23 20:09:36

Just joining all the others sending warmest sympathy. I know what it's like. In one month it will be the first anniversary of my beloved DH's death. Lean on friends and family, accept any help offered. And tell us about it if you want to.

Iam64 Sat 02-Sep-23 20:16:47

Sincere condolences Skeeter. My husband died 10 months ago. Sending love to you.

Doodle Sat 02-Sep-23 20:40:03

So sorry for your loss. I Hope you find some friendship here on GN. As others have said, the daily Good Morning thread is a great place to start.

Dickens Sat 02-Sep-23 21:06:51



There's usually a few night-owls around in the small hours if you need to chat.

I join the others in offering condolences for your so recent sad loss.