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is anybody out there?

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Skeeter Sat 02-Sep-23 11:38:12

my husband died three days ago..i just wanted to say good morning to someone

lixy Tue 05-Sep-23 08:17:06

Good morning Skeeter and Hev61
Good to see you popping up on other threads.
Thinking of you both.

SuzieHi Tue 05-Sep-23 08:38:54

Good morning🌷🌷🌷for you, and hoping your family and friends are being kind and thoughtful at this sad time xxx

cornergran Tue 05-Sep-23 08:54:59

Good morning hev, skeeter and all who grieve. Please join the good morning thread, you’ll have kind, welcoming daily contact with others.

Greenfinch Tue 05-Sep-23 12:07:48

Still thinking of you both at this sad time.

dogsmother Tue 05-Sep-23 12:12:03

Oh hev, so sorry was just checking in on skeeter. This is sad 💐 a virtual hug for you too x

Norah Wed 06-Sep-23 16:16:03

Hugs and flowers flowers flowers

Greenfinch Wed 06-Sep-23 17:33:45

You are both in my thoughts.