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Can't find anything I want to read.

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Anya Mon 06-Oct-14 14:03:27

I've been scanning the Book Club thread and I've read most of the ones recommended and all the Monthly Reads.

The October Book isn't available on Kindle yet.

I'm in a literary limbo and just looking for a good read .

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Frannygranny Mon 06-Oct-14 14:23:19

Have you read any Ann Cleves? Either her Vera Stanhope or her Shetland series are great reads.

Anya Mon 06-Oct-14 14:26:41

I've read all her Shetland books and enjoyed those. Didn't realise she wrote the Vera ones. I enjoyed the series on TV so that's an option to consider.

Thank you.

Elegran Mon 06-Oct-14 14:38:12

Laurie R King "The Beekeeper's Apprentice" a good read, with a spot of detecting thrown in.

Don't be put off by the link with Sherlock Holmes - this is not a pseudo-Conan Doyle Victorian detective story.

There are about a dozen volumes following that one, so if you get hooked you will have plenty to read.

mollie65 Mon 06-Oct-14 14:38:29

she has a new title out - I have it on order from my library (now about no4 in the queue) it is called hmm will find out

mollie65 Mon 06-Oct-14 14:40:20

it is called 'Thin Air' and I am now no 3 in the queue grin

Elegran Mon 06-Oct-14 14:46:50

I didn't know about the new one. Must investigate.

mollie65 Mon 06-Oct-14 14:54:06

the 'she' is Ann Cleeves - sorry if I confused anyone - slow at posting.

Elegran Mon 06-Oct-14 14:55:56

Oh, right. But another Ann Cleeves is interesting as well.

Liz46 Mon 06-Oct-14 15:00:58

Have you tried Lesley Pearse? Trust Me and Remember Me are two of my favourites.

numberplease Mon 06-Oct-14 15:20:52

Give Susan Lewis a go as well.

Stansgran Mon 06-Oct-14 15:36:21

Mumsnet have lists from people who are aiming to read 50 books in the year.( Mumsnet Book Challenge2014) I've copied a few of them and found them quite useful. Also Lovereading and GoodBooks have monthly lists. And I've just found that Pinterest have reading lists showing the book covers. I'm reading a rather blood filled Ann Holt at the moment but it's not too good if I'm in by myself.

Starling Mon 06-Oct-14 15:39:59

50 books a year!? That's one a week plus a fortnight off for Christmas!
It takes me about a month to read a book - and I like reading books.

Elegran Mon 06-Oct-14 15:56:00

I can read a book in a day if I am engrossed in it and there is nothing urgent to pull me out of it.

numberplease Mon 06-Oct-14 16:42:51

I read about 3 a week, would be more if housework didn`t get in the way!

annodomini Mon 06-Oct-14 17:02:15

Favourite books this year: Even if the thought of a political autobiography fills you with dread, try This Boy - the first volume of Alan Johnson's autobiography. It deals with his very deprived childhood and adolescence. What an interesting and very likeable character he is. And now the second volume is out - Please Mr Postman. Next on my list. Peter May's detective series: The Lewis Trilogy, set in the Hebrides; The Enzo series, set mainly in France; and his Chinese Detective series. His free-standing mystery novel, Entry Island is set in Canada with flashbacks to the Hebrides.

50 books a year? I can manage at least three a week, sometimes more.

Marmight Mon 06-Oct-14 17:14:40

I am trying to get through Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler - Book Club night tomorrow and as usual I am all behind like a nanny goat's tail - only 43% more to get through! It's a good read although I would like to take it at a gentler pace. Beautifully written, I am immersed in the individuals of the family, but feeling ever so slightly depressed about their lives. I think I would recommend it hmm
I love all the Peter May books which I have recommended before especially the Lewis Trilogy. Again easy reads which are un-put-downable.

janeainsworth Mon 06-Oct-14 17:39:12

I like Anne Tyler very much too Marmight. Another good one of hers is 'ladder of Years' about a middle aged woman who just walks out and leaves her family. The characters are beautifully drawn.
Anya if you're interested in America, I am currently enjoying 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' by John Berendt - set in Savannah in the early 80s, it reads like a novel but is a true account of a murder that took place in one of the historic houses there.
Prior to that, I read and very much enjoyed Margaret Forster's 'The Unknown Bridesmaid' -fascinating subject matter and such a cleverly constructed novel.

Anya Mon 06-Oct-14 17:47:47

Yes, I can get through 3 books a week, especially if they're gripping.

I seem to have gone through a phase of liking the sample offered on Kindle, downloading the full text only to get frustrated with it halfway through. I don't know who writes some of these 5 star reviews!

I trust GNetters to point me in the right direction. So thank you for your suggestions. I'll start on them tonight smile

HildaW Mon 06-Oct-14 17:49:38

Am enjoying Donna Leon's Venetian crimes....its quite light but well drawn and very accurate reflection of Venice.

TriciaF Mon 06-Oct-14 18:03:20

Anya - I don't read many books at the moment, I'm too restless/busy.
But when I did read a lot there was usually a theme that kept me going back to the library to find something else on the topic.
I had one craze for women travellers, one for 19C Russian authors, one for short stories , one for humorous writers etc.
Currently if I do read it's something to do with WW2.
So I suggest, find the theme that interests you at the moment and look for related books.

NanKate Mon 06-Oct-14 19:41:17

Any book by Elly Griffiths is good, but I do suggest you read them in order as the storyline develops. The first one is 'Crossing Places'.

Mamie Mon 06-Oct-14 20:08:16

I am reading Alan Johnson's Please Mr Postman. It is not quite as gripping as the first one, but still very good. I have Denis Skinner's autobiography to read after that. I would second the Enzo McLeod series by Peter May and also enjoy Susan Hill's Simon Serraillier detective novels.

Anya Tue 07-Oct-14 13:40:28

Thank you all very much. I've already started on one of the books suggested and have found his to tag a thread as 'watching' so I can bring it up when Ive finished this one and work my wat through more of your suggestions sunshine

J52 Tue 07-Oct-14 14:38:31

Anyone who likes Anne Tyler may like books written by Anita Shreve. She is also an American author, writing in a similar style.

I also enjoy Douglas Kennedy, who I think writes in a female style and Rosie Thomas, who seems to make every novel very different.

Enjoy x