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February Book Club.....Summertime

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gma Mon 26-Jan-15 17:51:28

Lovely surprise this morning when my copy of Summertime arrived, and a Hard Back too!!
Look forward to reading this book, but must finish The Minaturist first!!
Many thanks Gransnet, it brightened up a dull Monday morning!Look forward to posting my comments!!

gmac Thu 26-Feb-15 00:49:40

I thoroughly enjoyed Summertime. I was really pleased about this as I also thoroughly enjoyed The Help. The characters in Summertime were varied and believable. It was good to read about alternative beliefs like the spells of Grace and Selma. Would like to read a follow-up novel.

lindarumsey Thu 26-Feb-15 13:13:05

I loved Summertime and felt really involved with the characters and their small town lives. The storm was so vividly portrayed that my emotions took a buffeting and I felt I was watching it unfold before me. Very sad at how the veterans were treated, but I'm not sure things have improved a great deal even now?

nonnasusie Thu 26-Feb-15 13:58:23

I finished Summertime last night. It was a gripping read and I really enjoyed it. I too look forward to another book ,possibly a sequel!

Wurzelernie Thu 26-Feb-15 21:29:43

I was lucky enough to receive this book from Gransnet and have them to thank for a truly memorable read. It has taught me so much about things I had not heard of and I found it absolutely engrossing. Wonderful writing, great descriptions - I have a feeling that this will be one of my ''must
re-read'' books.

d4dsquared Fri 27-Feb-15 00:33:42

Wonderful, atmospheric book - really brought the whole place and setting alive. The thing that amazed me was that such mega-events could have just passed me by and I knew nothing about them. Makes me wonder about all the other yawning voids in what I know.

Versavisa Mon 02-Mar-15 00:08:37

I've struggled to find time to read but have at last managed it.

At first I was only able to read a few pages here and there and wished the pace of the story would pick up. Then I got to the hurricane and the pace went faster than frantic. I couldn't put it down. I finally finished it about 2.30 this morning!

Enjoyed this very much and it's always good to read about places and events that were previously unknown to me.

I shall be looking out for Vanessa's second book with pleasure and anticipation.

Buddie Thu 12-Mar-15 18:05:15

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The pace built up with the storm and despite a large group of characters they were all so skillfully drawn they were eaisly identifiable and not one was superfluous to the plot.
Although I was aware of the plight of the coloured population of the US even into more modern times the great storm was a story I had not heard before and these two aspects have been skillfully woven into the one story. Clearly the author cares deeply about both issues and I hope she can create as much detail and tension for a new novel very soon. An impressive first novel.