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Craftycat Fri 03-Jun-16 11:40:26

Having a problem getting books I wanted for our reading group I saw in the library a very short book by Colm Toibin called Testament of Mary which was their book of the week & had plenty of copies. I looked at the blurb & it is story of Mary mother of Jesus- but retold in a rather different way, I decided to throw them a curve ball & give it a go.
I did say that anyone not comfortable with subject matter not to read it if they thought it would offend them. However last night we had probably the best discussion we have ever had. We had several different religions represented & it was a very enjoyable evening.
After all - it is essentially only a story about a woman & a mother. They all thought it was beautifully written as well as though provoking & were all very glad they had read it.
It is a very short book so if they had not liked it they would not have had to spend too much time on it.
I do recommend it if you are looking for something different for a change,

Nana3 Sun 17-Jul-16 09:26:31

Thank you Craftycat, I will take a look at your recommendation when it's my turn to choose. Our library has sets of books that our club borrows.