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June book club - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 31-May-17 11:41:39

Winners of this much talked about debut novel - more details here - should be receiving their copies shortly. If you do get one, don't forget to leave your comments and questions for author Gail Honeyman on this thread by the end of the month

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 31-May-17 11:41:51

(End of June clearly!!)

Greenfinch Tue 13-Jun-17 06:58:23

Has anyone received a copy yet ?I am still living in hope!

Mapleleaf Tue 13-Jun-17 08:27:30

No, not heard anyone say they have. Not a lot of time left to read it, if folks haven't received one yet.?

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 13-Jun-17 09:48:42

Eek I will chase

Gagagran Thu 15-Jun-17 14:58:46

Any news on distribution Cari? Are you going to extend the review date as we only have 2 weeks of June left?

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 20-Jun-17 12:17:59

Right - the books are very definitely going in the post today. And of course we will extend the deadline accordingly.

Gagagran Fri 23-Jun-17 09:37:14

Very pleased to report that Eleanor Oliphant has just popped through my letterbox! (Hope she was worth the wait). Will try and read asap and report back but from a quick look - she looks promising!

Parsleywin Fri 23-Jun-17 10:20:04

Thank you for my copy, which has just landed on my mat. Lovely surprise! I have an Anne Tyler to finish and will then read all about Eleanor Oliphant.

gillyknits Fri 23-Jun-17 11:08:56

Thank you, my copy has also just arrived!

welshmaiden Fri 23-Jun-17 11:13:08

just received my copy this morning, will take on holiday with me tomorrow looking forward to reading!

PoshGran Fri 23-Jun-17 12:24:33

Copy received this morning - thank you.

heatherjw Fri 23-Jun-17 12:30:41

My copy has just arrived, thank you. Good timing as I'm off on holiday so this will be more holiday reading

LadyGracie Fri 23-Jun-17 12:49:03

Just back from holiday and my copy dropped on doormat just after I'd finished unpacking. I'm looking forward to starting it!

Mapleleaf Fri 23-Jun-17 13:13:59

I am pleased to report that my copy has just arrived today. Thank you.
I am looking forward to reading it and will post a review when finished.
Carigransnet, when would you like to have the reviews - you mentioned that there would be an extension?

cornergran Fri 23-Jun-17 13:22:26

Copy received a few minutes ago. Thank you GN. Looking forward to reading it. Having said that, cari would appreciate knowing the extended deadline, only just started another book. Thank you

Waveney Fri 23-Jun-17 13:24:07

Thank you - my copy arrived this morning. It has had good reviews so I am looking forward to reading it as soon as I have finished 'The Italian Holiday' by Maeve Haran an which I am really enjoying.

gillgran Fri 23-Jun-17 13:37:02

My copy has just arrived, as there was no message or clues as to where it came from, I've sent messages to my DD & DDIL to ask if they had sent it.!! ( Sorry, I had forgotten it had been on GN.) My DH is due for operation in hospital within the next week, so I may struggle to finish, ( or start it, ! ), any time soon.
Thanks, anyway.

harrigran Fri 23-Jun-17 13:39:01

Just this minute received my copy, have a novel in progress but will to this one ASAP. Thank you.

chelseababy Fri 23-Jun-17 14:39:16

Got mine too but might struggle to finish it in time.

Pittcity Fri 23-Jun-17 15:32:59

I've received a copy today too. Will get stuck in!

eGJ Fri 23-Jun-17 16:55:02

Mine has just arrived thank you; the blurb on the inside cover makes me want to dive in straight away!

tiggers Fri 23-Jun-17 17:29:06

Received my copy this morning too. Thank you GN. Will start reading it this evening.

Greenfinch Fri 23-Jun-17 18:56:34

Many thanks for my copy too GN.I am looking forward to starting it tonight.

Dannydog1 Fri 23-Jun-17 22:21:24

Many thanks for my copy which has just arrived. Hopefully you will extend the deadline.