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Teetime Wed 30-May-18 09:12:23

I am a member of an on line Book Club based around one author. The site is strictly moderated to exclude all nasty comments and unfriendly postings. I really like it. Its a good safe place to go. We don't just talk about the books but other family and friends, cinema , theatre, gardening things as well but no politics. I have made a number of friends here and abroad and would recommend it to anyone seeking a similar friendly space. Message me if you wish the details.

Newatthis Tue 05-Jun-18 16:21:32

This sounds good to me - yes please!

MawBroon Tue 05-Jun-18 18:11:46

My book group is also very well behaved, but ..... gringrin

Doodle Tue 05-Jun-18 19:27:43

I'd like to join your group maw grin wine cheers.

GeminiJen Wed 06-Jun-18 11:11:08

Nice one, Maw....May I join too? I've a rather nice bottle of red I've been saving for a special get together grin
Sláinte wine