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Gr07 Sun 30-Sep-18 19:54:03

Hello! I love reading books but to this time I read only comedies and thrillers. For some time I am up for some horror book! I wanted to ask you what book of this kind do you recommend? As I know Stephen King's books are really good ones. What do you think? I had an occassion to watch screen adaptation of Full Dark, No Stars and I really liked it so his book 1922 is on my list! What else can I read?

Scribbles Sun 30-Sep-18 22:41:31

Stephen King's It, The Shining, or Needful Things - are all very different but great examples of the genre.

You might also enjoy some of the early James Herbert novels. My favourite was The Fog and there's also the Rats trilogy (^Rats, Lair and Domain^) but his work is very variable not only in style but also in the quality of his writing. Some of his last works were, in my opinion, poorly written tosh!

Have a look at Dean Koontz's books, too. Not everything he's written is horror; some of it is utter drivel, most of it is plain weird but there are some utterly gripping page turners: look him up on Amazon and check out some of the reviews.

You could also try Adam Neville or Mark Edwards ... there are loads out there so try asking at your local library if you don't want to make an expensive purchase which you may then hate.

LullyDully Mon 01-Oct-18 07:42:43

Edgar Allen Poe's short stories . The Turn of the Screw. Stephen King's Pet Cemetery is a bit unnerving.