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Mmmm not really clicking with The Keeper of Lost Things

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oldbatty Mon 15-Oct-18 15:51:27

My interest is wandering a bit. envy

GillT57 Mon 15-Oct-18 15:54:50

Stick with it oldbatty. I have just finished it with my book club. I too wasn't sure at first, but it is a book of many layers and with lots of overlapping stories.

Pittcity Mon 15-Oct-18 16:17:51

I loved it. Would make a good film.

SueDonim Mon 15-Oct-18 17:58:46

I'd say keep going - it livens up quite interestingly!

nanaK54 Mon 15-Oct-18 18:22:24

Yes, another one saying stick with it smile

Jalima1108 Mon 15-Oct-18 18:23:10

I read it last year and would also say - stick with it, it's lovely.

blossom14 Mon 15-Oct-18 18:24:07

I'm with you oldbatty I felt it was contrived. I did finish it and wondered about the cleanliness of some of the lost things. hmm

Day6 Mon 15-Oct-18 18:28:31

I started it a few months ago but it didn't immediately reel me in so I put it down.

I shall start again when I have finished my present book, given it gets better. Thanks.

oldbatty Mon 15-Oct-18 18:32:10

ha ha blossom, thats funny.

Jalima1108 Mon 15-Oct-18 19:23:42

blossom grin

Bathsheba Tue 16-Oct-18 14:32:42

Oh do keep at it! I felt the same, as it does seem a bit off the wall to begin with. But it turned into a wonderful read, so very clever how everything kind of tied up. Like a fairy tale for grown-ups smile

Teetime Tue 16-Oct-18 14:38:32

Oh I agree it was a slow start but it is a really lovely book I was sorry when I finished it. Yes it would make a good film.

Oldbat1 Thu 01-Nov-18 20:33:30

Agree bit slow at start but I really enjoyed it.

annep Thu 01-Nov-18 23:01:26

Give it time.

Purpledaffodil Thu 01-Nov-18 23:21:55

Well worth persevering. Agree with Bathsheba, a beautiful grown up fairy story.

Nanna58 Thu 01-Nov-18 23:27:23

Loved it, as someone who calls on St Anthony frequently and with huge success, it was about time he was recognised in literature!

grannyqueenie Fri 02-Nov-18 08:21:17

I loved it!

harrigran Fri 02-Nov-18 09:31:17

I didn't enjoy it oldbatty, I too thought it was contrived. Would not go and see a film if they made one.

folly22 Fri 02-Nov-18 09:38:33

I agree with you oldbatty. I didn’t really get it, so to speak, yet several of my friends raved about it. I wouldn’t bother to go and see it as a film if one was made.

silverlining48 Fri 02-Nov-18 10:47:25

I really enjoyed it, a gentle story, a lovely book.

Bookreader2403 Sat 03-Nov-18 21:55:27

I really didn’t enjoy this book and I ended up DNFing it in the end. I rarely do this. It just because such a cliche to me. I acknowledge many love this book but it really wasn’t my cup of tea.