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Lee Child shocker

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BlueSapphire Sat 12-Jan-19 23:30:10

Was listening to the radio the other night and an interview with Lee Child came on; now his books (the Jack Reacher ones) are set in the USA, an American agent, so I thought ,an American author. Absolutely wrong, out of the radio came a very British accent. Had to Google him and yes, he is British. Would never have thought that in a million years, especially after seeing the films. DH wouldn't have believed it! Anyone else had any preconceived ideas which have been proved wrong?

BlueSapphire Sat 12-Jan-19 23:34:16

I mean preconceived ideas about authors?

absent Sun 13-Jan-19 02:13:14

I think they used to put a brief biog on the back flap of hardbacks and the inside back cover of paperbacks, mentioning he comes from Coventry and wrote for television before moving to New York. Now I think they just talk about his success and awards. Maybe Jack Reacher has surpassed Lee Child in terms of readers' interest.

Alima Sun 13-Jan-19 06:36:03

Have never read his books or seen the films though I knew he was English as everyone else in the family loves his stuff. I also know someone full grown will be playing J R in future instead of the vertically challenged TC. Hope that hasn’t shocked you even more BS!

Auntieflo Sun 13-Jan-19 09:03:38

I have read all the Jack Reacher books, so far, and love them. When TC was cast in the films, I did wonder whether he stood on a box for some scenes, or all the other actors were in a hole smile.
I think it states in his books, that he now lives in the States/Canada.
I am now wondering who will be the next JR?

Humbertbear Sun 13-Jan-19 09:45:02

I believe he worked for tv over here and was made redundant. Went home and to,d his wife they were moving to USA and he was going to write thrillers! One door closes and another opens ......

ninathenana Sun 13-Jan-19 10:38:23

DH is an avid fan and has read all of LC books, he polishes them off in 3-4 days.
He refused to watch the TC film, say "it's not right"

MawBroon Sun 13-Jan-19 10:40:40

Sorry - who is TC?

Bathsheba Sun 13-Jan-19 10:43:04

Tom Cruise Maw.

BlueSapphire Sun 13-Jan-19 10:55:31

DH loved his books and was three quarters through reading them all in order - I had never even looked at one, just assumed they were by an American. DH enjoyed the films.

HurdyGurdy Sun 13-Jan-19 11:16:55

I have enjoyed the Jack Reacher books, but I am starting feel that they're all now just same-old, same-old. Lots of Jack Reacher taking on whole gangs of men and laying them all out flat.

I haven't watched the films. I just cannot relate Tom Cruise to the written description of Jack Reacher. Couldn't be more like chalk and cheese.