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All New Kindle with built in front light.

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Howjado Thu 06-Jun-19 00:02:05

Has anyone recently purchased the “All New Kindle with front light”? My old Kindle broke at the weekend and I keep seeing advertisements all over Facebook for this new model, costing £69.99. There are not many reviews yet but a few say the Kindle does not hold its charge and needs charging frequently. Also there are none available to actually see/pick up in the shops. I would be interested in your thoughts if you have this new model.

Jenty61 Thu 13-Jun-19 07:40:56

My kindle broke a couple of months ago and found it was cheaper buying a kindle fire for around £50 then downloading the kindle app for your books, you can also access the internet and do loads of other stuff on the kindle fire.

Gonegirl Thu 13-Jun-19 10:21:02

I wonder how a front light is better than the backlight (which I have on mine). I can read perfectly well in bed in the dark with mine. One of the reviews for the new front light one said the light bounces back off of it. That wouldn't be good reading in sunshine outside. Don't get that with mine.

Jenty reading books on the Fire is, I believe, supposed to be hard on your eyes.

annodomini Thu 13-Jun-19 10:29:26

Can't see why reading on the Fire should be hard on the eyes. I use it when my Paperwhite is charging. But as the screen is reflective it is useless outdoors.

Jenty61 Thu 13-Jun-19 10:34:18

Ive never had any eyestrain problems, I used to have kindle books on my ipad but the ipad was to heavy to hold.

Beckett Thu 13-Jun-19 11:02:53

I have an ancient Kindle it still works OK but I was thinking of getting a newer up to date one. Is it possible to transfer the books on the existing Kindle to the new one?

Lynnieg Thu 13-Jun-19 11:07:41

Yes, the books are all in your account so you just transfer the ones you want from there.
I know it's a bit pricier but I really don't think you can do better than the Paperwhite. I've just come back from a 10 day holiday and I only charged it once and that was after a week. And I read a lot on holiday!
There might even be an offer on at the moment smile

aggie Thu 13-Jun-19 11:15:40

another Paperwhite advocate here

Scribbles Thu 13-Jun-19 12:21:21

I have a Kindle Voyage and it's wonderful: light weight and easy to read in any light, even the midday sun.

Daughter has a Paperwhite which she swears she wouldn't be without.

Floradora9 Thu 13-Jun-19 16:28:40

I have the latest kindle paperwhite and it keeps it's charge longer than my older one . I gave older one to DH . I just love mine .

JackyB Thu 13-Jun-19 21:29:24

I have used the same Paperwhite for several years now. When it started getting slow, I deleted some of the fiction from it (they're still there in the cloud if needed) and it was back to normal.

The battery discharges quicker if you have the light on a brighter setting, but I read mainly in bed at night when DH is asleep, so have it on a low setting.

crystaltipps Fri 14-Jun-19 07:01:43

Paperwhite is the best. The battery charge lasts for ages.