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Jishere Thu 05-Sep-19 15:06:41

HI All

Has any one entered into the writing competition?

If so - did you receive a receipt?

Sent mine off - but I've received no acknowledgement at all

SarahGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 05-Sep-19 15:36:29

Hi Jishere

We're checking on this with HQ and we'll let you know whether they do email an acknowledgment.

Thanks smile

Jishere Fri 06-Sep-19 13:37:54

ok many thanks

Megan63 Wed 30-Oct-19 08:42:46

I also entered, and was a bit worried about not getting a receipt or auto-response. Good to know you didn't either!

They can't have both gone astray. (Surely.)

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 30-Oct-19 09:29:32

It seems that some people didn't receive an auto response, but rest assured that all the ones we were asked to check a while back had been safely received, without exception.

NotTooOld Wed 30-Oct-19 23:21:34

I haven't had a receipt/autoresponse either. Should I be worried?

Megan63 Thu 31-Oct-19 11:47:56

Good to know other unacknowledged entries were safely received, thanks!

NotTooOld Thu 31-Oct-19 12:08:15

Cari - please could you check that mine was received?

Megan63 Fri 01-Nov-19 11:36:43

As the winner is going to be announced on the 6th December, I'm guessing the longlist has already been decided?

It would be good to know.

NotTooOld Tue 19-Nov-19 22:28:21

Has the longlist been decided now?

Megan63 Thu 21-Nov-19 08:40:10

I imagine it must have been by now. Depends how many folk they have to read the entries on the list, I suppose!