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Ealdemodor Tue 21-Jan-20 20:55:25

Anyone read Those People by Louise Candlish?
I loved it.

NotTooOld Tue 21-Jan-20 21:49:06

Thanks, Ealdemodor, I've just downloaded a sample on to my kindle. I think I've read other Lousie Candlish books but not that one. Have you read Stone Cradle by another Louise, Louise Doughty? I can highly recommend it.

quizqueen Tue 21-Jan-20 21:53:53

I've just read 'Our House'- I picked it up in a book swap at my granddaughter's school - it's the first time I'd heard of her and now I want to read more.

TerriBull Wed 22-Jan-20 06:45:44

I discovered Louise Candlish quite recently, very much enjoyed "Our House", "The Swimming Pool", "The Disappearance of Emily Marr" and "The Second Wife" not so keen on "Those People" though, but I do look out for her books now.

Ealdemodor Wed 22-Jan-20 11:25:53

The sudden departure of the Frasers is another cracking book by L.C.

TerriBull Wed 22-Jan-20 11:35:02

Yes, I've heard about that one Ealdemodor, I'll order it from the library on my next visit.