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shysal Wed 22-Jan-20 11:57:57

A friend recently recommended Margaret Dickinson, lending me the Fleethaven Trilogy of 'Plough the Furrow', 'Sow the Seed' and 'Reap the Harvest'. I found that I couldn't put them down! I am working my way through her list now. I don't normally read many stories from the past, but these are set in the last century, often spanning a few generations. They are becoming a bit predictable now, featuring strong women with a cruel relative or boss, but are still enjoyable

Who have you discovered recently?

Gemini1789 Wed 22-Jan-20 12:01:38

I must have a look at Margaret Dickenson. Thank you.
I’m enjoying reading through Susan Hill’s Serrailler series which was recommended on here. How did I miss her ?

Greyduster Wed 22-Jan-20 13:08:49

Pat Barker. I was riveted by her ‘Silence of the Girls’, and then moved onto her trilogy ‘Toby’s Room’, ‘Life Class’, and ‘Noonday’. A very rewarding writer.

Susan56 Wed 22-Jan-20 13:26:45

I discovered Margaret Dickinson recently too.The first in her Maitland trilogy was on BorrowBox,I ended up buying the next book in the trilogy and have ordered the third from the library.Not my usual style of book but really enjoyed them.
I made a decision in November to try not to buy books but to use borrow box and amazon prime and have read some really good books from authors I have never heard of before.Too many to mention as I read a lot but amazon prime recommends books based on what you have read previously and they are pretty much spot on.

annodomini Wed 22-Jan-20 13:31:31

The book the Library provided for our book group this month was Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout. It's a series of linked short stories set around small town and rural life in Illinois. It took me some time to get into it but when I did, I couldn't stop. The characters are convincing and the setting makes me think of my teenage pen friend who lived on a farm in Illinois. One of the characters, often referred to, but who appears in only one of the stories is Lucy Barton the main character of Strout's Pulitzer winning short novel, My Name is Lucy Barton, so, of course, I had to get it immediately and found many links with the other book.

Dottygran59 Wed 22-Jan-20 13:36:59

I can thoroughly recommend Shadow - by Tim Loker. It's a psychic detective story. It's the first in a series, book 2 will be out in the summer. The reason I know this is that I work with Tim, have done for a few years and knew he has been honing his writing skills, even so I was not expecting this book to be as good as it was. It's available on amazon kindle unlimited and the kindle e book is only £1.99.

lavenderzen Wed 22-Jan-20 13:53:53

Thank you for the reminder re Elizabeth Strout, I have read a lot of her books and have just found another one I haven't read "Olive Again". Thank you.

GagaJo Wed 22-Jan-20 18:44:55

Greyduster, if you like Pat Barker, you MUST read her Regeneration trilogy! The first book in particular is incredible.

GagaJo Wed 22-Jan-20 18:48:44

Not that recent BUT I have only read the first book. The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin. Absolutely phenomenal book. I really must make the effort to get the other two books and read the whole trilogy.

Also The Chessmaster by Ah Cheng. Fantastic. Very Chinese.

Luckygirl Wed 22-Jan-20 18:48:46

Do you have to read books on a smartphone with Borrowbox?

CanadianGran Wed 22-Jan-20 19:51:24

Kristen Hannah; she wrote the Nightingale and The Great Alone which I have read and really enjoyed. She has a few more that I have not yet read, but are on my list.

I also just finished The Lost Letters of William Wolff by Helen Cullen and will check out her new novel when it is published here in Canada.

TerriBull Wed 22-Jan-20 20:08:09

I recently discovered William Boyd, read a couple of his novels last year, particularly enjoyed "Ordinary Thunderstorms" I look forward to reading some more of his books in 2020.

gma Wed 22-Jan-20 21:16:23

I too discovered Elizabeth strout fairly recently and just love her books! The characters are so well drawn and the dialogue is brilliant. When you finish a book you will feel that you know the people which she has written about! Particularly enjoyed Olive Kitteridge and Olive,also.

SAHarris Wed 22-Jan-20 22:12:35

I have just read an advance copy of Nuala Ellwood's new novel, The House on the Lake which is out later this month. I enjoyed it a great deal. Anyone who has enjoyed her earlier novels is likely to enjoy this one too.

Dee1012 Wed 22-Jan-20 22:21:06

If you like thrillers or police procedurals, I'd recommend William Shaw.
There's a Breen and Tozer series set in the 60s which are wonderful and a DS Cupidi set....more up to date.
Well written and very entertaining.

Bellanonna Wed 22-Jan-20 22:50:47

I discovered William Boyd last year too, TerriBull and have read most of them now. Currently reading and enjoying Nine Perfect Strangers, by Liane Moriarty. Another gransnetter recently introduced me to Donna Leon, who writes crime stories with a lovely Venetian backdrop.