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Ealdemodor Wed 29-Jan-20 13:11:56

I am currently reading the memoir by ex M.P. Alan Johnson, In My Life, all about his love of music and how it has influenced his life. It’s a great book, particularly for those of us who love and remember 60s music.
There are three other autobiographical books by Alan, all the titles are Beatles songs.

Maggiemaybe Wed 29-Jan-20 13:34:27

I went to an Evening With Alan Johnson recently, more for DH really as he'd read and really enjoyed the first book (This Boy). The evening was so entertaining I've since bought the second and third books. Just waiting now for DH to remember who he lent the first one too and I'll read the lot!

Johnson had a very deprived childhood and an interesting career, both of which he talked about eloquently, all tied in with the music that inspired him.

Ealdemodor Wed 29-Jan-20 15:14:56

Sounds good. If A.J. comes to our local theatre, I’d love to go!